Sunisa Lee shared her Olympic Rings tattoo on Instagram, and it's so epic.

Sunisa Lee Showed Off The Big New Tattoo She Got To Commemorate The Olympics

A permanent reminder of Tokyo 2021.


After taking home Olympic three Olympic medals, Sunisa “Suni” Lee is commemorating the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in the coolest way. The Olympian stunned viewers with her performance in the individual all-around final and scored the biggest prize: a gold medal. Now that the games are over, Sunisa Lee shared a new Olympic rings tattoo on Instagram, and it’s such a triumph.

Lee scored the gold medal for her individual all-around final performance on July 27 during the 2021 Summer Olympics. She also earned a silver medal for the team final with Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, and Grace McCallum, and a bronze for her uneven bars performance. A couple of weeks after her return home, the gymnast is now in her freshman year at Auburn University and found some time to ink her accomplishments, literally. On Wednesday, Aug. 18, Lee shared a snapshot of a new Olympic rings tattoo on her right forearm on her Instagram Story with the caption "Did a thingggg."

Lee’s Olympic rings tattoo isn’t the only example of an Olympian inking a permanent reminder of their accomplishments on their body. Biles, for example, got the Olympic rings tattooed on her after she scored four gold medals at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Lee’s teammate Chiles also said she was going to get a tattoo to commemorate the event.

Speaking to People in early August, Chiles talked about her and her teammates getting the Olympic rings tattoos. "I think we are all [getting one]. Except for Simone, because she already has one. I already know where I'm getting mine," she told the publication.

"I don't think we're going to get it together because we all live in different states. But we're all talking about getting it after and what place we'd get it or different areas," Chiles added.

Now that’s she a gold medalist, Lee is celebrating heading to college, making history as the first American Olympic all-around champion to transition to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) gymnastics, per The Wall Street Journal. The history-making move came after the NCAA eligibility rules got an overhaul. Previously, collegiate athletes were prohibited from accepting monetary endorsements and going on tours and earning profit from their name, image, or likeness. Luckily, those restrictions have been lifted, so Lee and other Olympians can enjoy both post-Olympics opportunities and head to collegiate athletics if they want to.

On Aug. 13, Lee celebrated her college beginnings with a snapshot of herself standing in front of Auburn’s William J. Samford Hall, sharing the post alongside the simple caption, “war eagle.”

While she’s living that college life, Lee now has a constant reminder of her performance at the 2021 Summer Olympics, and it’s so inspiring.