How To Throw The Ultimate Summer Party, According To Hilary Duff

I've been taking life advice from Hilary Duff since I was 12 years old.

If I'm being honest, Lizzie McGuire was basically the reason I made it through middle school alive.

She was my soul sister when it came to fashion and beauty advice. She taught me how to crimp hair, rock an ugly cat sweater and buy my first training bra.

Those were milestones, ladies. Thanks Lil Hil. BLESS.


But now that the former Disney Channel star is all grown up, I take advice from her on other things, like workout tips and summer style inspiration.

Elite Daily was able to sit down with the "Younger" actress and talk about her plans for the summer. Hilary kicked things off the right way by partnering with Stella Artois for its "Host One To Remember" campaign.

She'll be spending the next few months in New York City drinking beer and planning awesome parties.

Yup, when it comes to throwing a banger, Hilary is your go-to girl. The Breathe In. Breathe Out singer hosted the ultimate summer party on Thursday night to honor Stella Artois' legacy of unforgettable and timeless hosting moments.

The idea for the party was to travel back in time and bring elements of the past back into the future. Themed party? I'm in!

So what steps should you take if you want to throw an epic party? What are some decorating ideas for any kind of occasion? TELL US YOUR SECRETS, HIL. TEACH US WHAT WE GOTTA KNOW.

Hilary shared,

You want people leaving your party with a sense that it was a memorable night. I love to throw Polaroid cameras on the table so people can snap photos and take them with them. I also put little potted plants and succulents at the table so people can take those as a party favor, and it kind of lives on.

Yoooooooo, she knows what's up. Those are both trendy AF. Thanks girl!

Hilary also said it's important to have the right playlist. She likes to vary the song selections based off what vibe she's trying to bring. I feel that.

She's also a fan of decorating with paper lanterns. She even bought vintage bathtubs and loves to fill them with ice and beverages. LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS LOOKS.

So how can people take advantage of the warm weather when it comes to party planning? Don't worry, ya girl Hil's got you covered. Here's what she suggests:

In New York, obviously take advantage of rooftops. I think choosing beer is best for hot, muggy weather. We also have a pool in LA so we do a lot of pool parties... some Slip 'N Slides. Nothing too classy.

A rooftop pool party with a beer in my hand? Sounds like a great time to me.

Thanks for the advice, Hilary! I'll definitely invite you to my next banger.