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Djo, AKA 'Stranger Things' Joe Keery, announced his second solo album 'DECIDE' will drop on Sept. 16...

Djo (AKA Stranger Things’ Joe Keery) Announced His Second Solo Album

Steve can sing!

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In the last couple years, Joe Keery has been in his acting bag. From stealing hearts as Hawkins’ charming Steve Harrington on Stranger Things to flexing his horror chops as a bloody rideshare driver on Spree, Keery is a certified star; however, many fans might not be aware of his side-gig that’s really a second main-hustle: He’s a musician.

To be clear, he’s not just a musician. He’s a psychedelic-pop artist with a new album coming out. On June 22, Keery announced he’s dropping his second solo record under the moniker Djo. The album, titled, DECIDE, comes out on Sept. 16. Yes, you read that right, a second solo record. Keery released his debut solo album as Djo, TWENTY TWENTY, in 2019. He was also a founding member of the Chicago-based psych-rock band Post Animal, though NME reported he amicably left the group in 2020.

Alongside the album announcement, Keery also released his latest single, “Change.” The groovy, uptempo song will appear on DECIDE. He’s in his symphonic prime on this track, singing about changing to become the loving man he knew he could be in a relationship. His vocals are drowning in a slight robotic effect, which adds a retro, almost Daft Punk-inspired touch to the record. Honestly, it’s a bop.

According to a press release, Keery initially teased the album last week through a Djo hotline, allowing fans to dial (928)-8-DECIDE to hear a trippy 8-bit audio. Maybe this could be the new Vecna’s Curse cure I’ve been looking for?

Here’s what to know about Keery’s latest Djo era.

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Djo’s Decide Release Date

The forthcoming album will be released on Sept. 16.

What will Djo’s Decide sound like?

According to a press release, Decide’s sound will take on a variety of sounds, culminating in a “spellbinding collage of snaky pop hooks, neon melodies, and deeply personal singer-songwriter lyricism.”

What is the Decide tracklist?

A tracklist has yet to be announced.

On June 22, Keery released his groovy, uptempo track “Change.” The record finds the musician singing about changing to become the man he knew he could be in a relationship.

Djo’s Decide Tour Dates

According to a press release, Djo will perform at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on July 30, which is already sold out.

He then enters festival territory with three stops. On July 31, he’ll stay in Chicago to perform at Lollapalooza, which is also sporting some historic performances, including BTS’ J-Hope. Then, he’ll appear at the Sea, Hear, Now Festival in New Jersey on September 17. Finally, he’ll play in Austin at the Austin City Limits on October 15.

If the rest of the album sounds anything like “Change,” then Djo definitely has an album full of bangers on his hands. Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with this sound, but can you blame me? Those slick, psych-funk synths are undeniably smooth.

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