Read about your 'Stranger Things' crush, based on your zodiac sign.

Meet Your Stranger Things Crush, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who are you takin’ to the Upside Down? 👀

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Have you been daydreaming about the Steve to your Nancy, the Vickie to your Robin, the Mike to your El, or the Jim to your Joyce? Yeah, I had a feeling. If you’re crushing on a Stranger Things character right now, you’re totally valid, and I’m right there with you. Since it debuted on Netflix in 2016, this show has taken fans for an emotional roller coaster ride, and this latest season was just as intense. Look, saving the world is kind of a big deal. It’s no surprise, then, that Stranger Things has a habit of stirring up a whole lot of feelings. Intense feelings... even hopeless romantic ones? And there’s a chance your zodiac sign might be influencing your Netflix crush. I mean, stranger things (😉) have happened.

Whether you’re a fire, Earth, air, or water sign, there’s a chance you could be destined for some romance with a Hawkins local... even if it’s one-sided. What can I say? It’s hard for a Netflix crush to return your affections (it doesn’t exactly fit in most scripts). Still, there’s no harm in an innocent Stranger Things crush or two. Read on for the character you’re most likely to fancy, based on your zodiac sign.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things 4 follow.

Aries Loves Robin’s Fiery Energy

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OK, if you’re not an IRL Vickie, you realistically don’t stand a chance with our girl Robin Buckley, but let’s pretend! Robin has the thrill factor and high energy that an Aries loves. Her dry sense of humor and quick wit don’t hurt, either. Aries loves having a crush who’s willing to challenge them, so this fire sign won’t ever get bored dating everyone’s favorite Family Video queen.

Taurus Appreciates Mike’s Loyalty

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Taurus looks for safety, security, and loyalty in romantic relationships. Life can be a wild ride — especially when it’s in and out of the Upside Down. Luckily for Taurus, Mike Wheeler totally has his SO’s back through it all. If sticking by El through her journey of having powers, losing powers, and managing multiple world catastrophes is any indication, he’s a pretty dependable partner. Not to mention, he can even conquer the ultimate challenge: long-distance.

Geminis Appreciate Dustin’s Intellect

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Gemini, meet the love of your life. Dustin Henderson, meet Gemini. On top of spilling all the tea all the time, Dustin is a master of Morse Code, Dungeons and Dragons, and all things tech. Not to mention, he can handle fighting the bad guys. Gemini loves a well-rounded crush, so Dustin’s essentially this air sign’s dream crush. He’s all about new information and chasing the next adventure. What more could a Gemini want?

Cancer Fancies Nancy’s Sensitive Side

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Cancer, you value emotional intelligence above pretty much all else. Lucky for you, Nancy Wheeler has that on lock. Throughout the show, she gracefully handles all of the extreme emotions that go with saving the world and looking out for your baby brother. Let’s just say, she’s got her sh*t together. For the crab, Nancy is extra intriguing because she would completely understand your complicated-in-the-best-way mind.

Leo Would Be A Great Match For Hopper

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Leo, everyone knows that you thrive in the spotlight. You know who would give that to you? Mr. Jim Hopper, of course. The man may not be a metaphorical ray of sunshine, but he definitely knows how to love and adore with a fierce commitment. I mean, he would literally fight a Demogorgon in a Russian prison to come back home to his person. S’cute!

Virgo Appreciates Lucas’ Practical Nature

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He’s smart, he’s loyal, he’s organized, he’s... a Virgo’s dream! Lucas Sinclair knows how to have a good time (and save the universe), but he also has a practical head on his shoulders. He’s the realist of the friend group — as in, he solves supernatural problems with a rational approach. No wonder Virgos tend to feel some type of way about him.

Libra Thinks Will Is Romantic

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My peaceful, harmonious Libras, do I have the soulmate for you. It might be tricky to find a romantic-at-their-core kinda person these days, but where there’s a Will, there’s a way. (Sorry, had to.) Will Byers matches the charming energy Libras love so much. Throughout the show, Will is shy, caring, sweet, and he’ll even hold his friends accountable. If a well-balanced crush is what you’re looking for, pay attention to this Byers brother.

Scorpio Is Drawn To Eddie’s Mysterious Side

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Doja Cat may be two days off from Scorpio-hood, but she’s still got something in common with the scorpion. Spoiler: his name is spelled E-D-D-I-E. To fall hard, this water sign needs a bit of alluring mystery and a dash of emotional intelligence. Eddie Munson, AKA everyone’s fave Hellfire Club leader, can offer Scorpios just that. It’s safe to say his life is pretty intense (being falsely accused of murder and all), and I suspect you two might really get a kick out of each other.

Sagittarius Loves Eleven’s Honesty

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Sagittarians crave adventure, so of course this sign will be drawn to Eleven. El shares Sag’s optimism and desire to be honest. Since this fire sign needs a partner who lives life to the max, there’s a natural draw toward the beloved hero of Hawkins. Together, you two could courageously address the problems facing humanity and harness your superpowers to solve them! No pressure though.

Capricorn Is Attracted To Joyce’s Ambition

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If this iconic mom will go to a dangerous Russian prison to save her man (who supposedly died already), you know she’s ready to commit. Joyce Byers is there for a long time and a good time. When she sets her mind to something, it’s 100% happening. Capricorns find that kind of ambition totally attractive, so it’s no surprise this Earth sign is drawn to Mrs. Byers.

Aquarius Loves Max’s Independent Streak

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Max is a relentless fighter, and no, she is not interested in anyone’s opinions about her. Extremely loyal and unapologetically authentic, Max is basically Aquarius’ dream girl. Her fiery independence only makes this crush more intense.

Pisces Appreciates Steve’s Empathy

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TBH, who doesn’t have a lil Steve crush? Steve Harrington would make an amazing partner because his affection is rooted in empathy and understanding. He may come off as a bit of a player at first, but at the end of the day, he only has eyes for one. He wants and needs what you want and need, Pisces. Another case of, he’s-perf-for-you-but-a-fictional-character, I guess.

No matter what character your sign fancies, there’s nothing wrong with embracing your crush just a bit. Picture this: you’re walking down the aisle to the tune of “Running Up That Hill,” the wedding remix. That’s enough to hold you over ‘til Season 5, right?