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Romy Croquet Mars, daughter of Sofia Coppola, made a hilarious TikTok about being grounded.

Sofia Coppola’s Daughter Was Grounded For Trying To Charter A Helicopter

Can’t relate.


There’s a new cinematic masterpiece making its rounds on Twitter. No, not Swarm, even though the Donald Glover-helmed series is a satirical take on stan culture’s presence on the platform. The sensation in question is rather an unintentionally hilarious peek into nepo baby art, because that’s always a spicy topic. Romy Croquet Mars, the 16-year-old daughter of filmmaker Sofia Coppola and Phoenix singer Thomas Mars, made a TikTok of her casually sharing she tried to rent a helicopter on her dad’s credit card while making pasta. You know, just an everyday conversation to have while cooking dinner.

The now-deleted TikTok was shared by Twitter user @savbrads, and the rest was viral history. ICYMI, the video begins with Romy announcing her parent’s grounded her for the aforementioned helicopter incident. However, she tried to rent it for a good reason: She wanted to have dinner with her camp friend that lives in Maryland. That’s not even the amusing part of the video. To kill time, Romy decided to make a vodka pasta sauce and took users on the most frenetic “cooking tutorial” to exist in recent years.

Romy started her cooking journey by searching up images of an onion, because she didn’t know the difference between “a garlic and an onion.” “I’m embarrassed,” she confessed in the video, her tone pointing to the fact she’s still unaware of their differences.

She then paused her ingredient mix-up to explain why she’s making this *chef’s kiss* of a TikTok. “My parents’ biggest rule is I’m not allowed to have any public social media accounts. Here’s why,” she said, cutting to a brief clip of her posing with her dad’s Grammy award like a beauty guru. “They don’t want me to be a nepotism kid. But TikTok’s not going to make me famous, so it doesn’t really matter.”

It’s interesting that her parents aren’t fond of the nepo baby title, especially since her mom fits that category. IYDK, Coppola — known for directing films like Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides — is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, a revered director behind The Godfather trilogy.

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Romy’s statement about “not becoming famous” off this video is also ironic, considering how much buzz this clip has on Twitter. This video oozes a chaotic energy that’s practically meant for TikTok — or the OG creator of short video madness, Vine — and that unscripted aura makes this random creation comedic gold. The madness ensues in the video, where she cuts into what she believes is an onion (actually, it’s a shallot) and introduces her babysitter’s boyfriend, Ari, by asking his thoughts on the “helicopter fiasco.”

“Oh, I like ‘fiasca’ cause it’s like, feminine,” he said, nodding towards the fact it’s Women’s History Month. What a king.

Romy eventually ends the TikTok by teasing she’ll release a second part of her making the pasta. From the sped-up filter on her voice to her randomly flaunting her dad’s Grammy and not any of her mom’s accolades (she’s a Golden Globe, Academy, and Oscar winner, btw), this TikTok is hilarious. What makes this short film even more compelling is that she never made the vodka sauce. Does that ruin the tutorial? Well, maybe yes for those looking to make it themselves. But for Twitter? Not one bit.

OK, I agree. Phoenix’s “Fences” and “Litzsomania” are bops, but I might have to slow my streaming until this scenario happens.

With this unintentionally cinematic video, Romy might achieve EGOT status.

Ari being a supporting character in this “helicopter fiasco” is the cherry on top.

I couldn’t agree with @BBMBAYBIE more.

Let’s hope Romy gets to have dinner with her camp friend soon.