SK Alagbada in episode 303 of 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

SK Calls Out Love Is Blind For Editing A Major Moment On The Show

Apparently, it didn’t play out exactly how viewers saw it.


The first rule of watching reality TV is to not take everything you see at face value. That’s not to say every moment is fake, but come on — at this point, we should all know that some events get edited in ways that aren’t exactly true to what happened IRL. According to Love Is Blind Season 3 star SK Alagbada, this is the case with one of his most important scenes on the show: his courtship of, and proposal to, Raven Ross.

“I feel like the whole world missed the part where Raven and I actually gradually fell in love with each other,” SK tells Elite Daily. And he’s not wrong: The majority of SK and Raven’s footage from the pods was juxtaposed with Raven’s budding relationship with fellow contestant Bartise Bowden, as well as Bartise’s other connection with Nancy Rodriguez. That SK and Raven ended up engaged before the end of Episode 2 may have felt abrupt to some viewers. It certainly seemed that way when SK watched the show.

“The whole Bartise-Nancy situation took away from telling the actual love story of how Raven and I came to be,” SK says. “A lot of people will watch it and there [are] blanks in their heads: How is this possible? How did he even end up proposing to her?”


Then, once SK did propose, he says it didn’t go down exactly how the show revealed.

“I remember in the proposal when I went down on one knee and proposed to Raven, it was shown she was walking away, contemplating, and that stuff didn’t happen,” SK says. “I was in the room. I was down one on one knee, and when I proposed to her, I got an answer back in one second. The whole hesitation [with] her walking around was not... It was not real. It was just edited in there.”

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

In the grand scheme of things, this moment of heightened drama isn’t the wildest thing to ever happen on reality TV — or even on this season of Love Is Blind. I mean, it’s not like anyone faked tears, right?

Love Is Blind Season 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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