13 Shows You Need To Binge-Watch Before The New Seasons Premiere In 2017

by Anna Menta
Comedy Central

Now that we're a few weeks into 2017, you can be honest with yourself: You're not going to keep that New Year's resolution to work out every day.

But you know what resolution would be a lot easier (not to mention, more fun) to follow through on?

Catching up on all the big TV shows in time to catch the new seasons in 2017!

Here are the shows that should be on your list:

1. "Game of Thrones"


Why you should catch up: Let's just get this out of the way. Everyone is going to be talking about "Game of Thrones" this year, just like everyone was talking about "Game of Thrones" last year. In fact, it will be even worse this year because it's the second-to-last season.

So if you don't want to be left out of literally every conversation come summer, you should catch up.

How much time you have: Season seven will premiere sometime in the summer of 2017. That's about six months for 60 episodes (which are all nearly an hour long). So start now.

2. "Scandal"


Why you should catch up: Even if "Scandal" is not quiiiite what it used to be, it's still Shonda Rhimes and it's still Kerry Washington, so people will be talkin' about it. Plus, with our incoming 2017 cabinet, you'll want to escape the real-life political horrors for some fake ones.

How much time you have: Well, the sixth season WAS going to premiere January 19, but then ABC decided it was going to air a Trump special instead. Yeah. Now it airs January 26, so you have about two weeks to catch up. (Maybe call in sick for work if you're serious about this one.)

3. "How to Get Away with Murder"


Why you should catch up: If you're too far behind/too done with "Scandal," then you can turn to the other Shondaland show. (Because no one needs to catch up with 13 seasons of "Grey's.")

How much time you have: Like "Scandal," the second half of season three of "HTGAWM" was pushed back because of Trump and will air on January 26.

4. "This Is Us"


Why you should catch up: This is rapidly becoming the most talked about new show on television. Plus, if you're a "Gilmore Girls" fan, it doesn't hurt that Jess is there.

How much time you have: Since this show came back from hiatus on Tuesday, you're technically out of time. But it's still in the first season, so if you REALLY binge you could even be caught up by next Tuesday, 9 pm on NBC.

5. "Girls"


Why you should catch up: "Girls" isn't quite the powerhouse it used to be, but this year the final season will air, meaning people will be talking about.

How much time you have: The sixth and final season premieres on HBO on February 12, which gives you about a month to power through your catch-up.

6. "Pretty Little Liars"


Why you should catch up: These final 10 episodes have been highly anticipated ever since the creators decided to split the final season into two parts. We're either going to find out who Uber-A is, or kill ourselves.

How much time you have: Though the exact date has not been announced, it's expected back April 2017, giving you a solid four months to get hooked on this Freeform drama.

7. "Veep"


Why you should catch up: This show has been consistently winning Emmy Awards for five years now. Don't you think it's time you watched it?

How much time you have: No official date yet, but based on previous seasons we can probably also expect season six in April 2017, so that's about four months.

8. "Orange Is the New Black"


Why you should catch up: If you somehow managed to avoid spoilers all this time from that doozy of a season four finale, you're going to be out of luck when the new "Orange Is the New Black" comes out. So get on it!

How much time you have: The "OINTB" cast is currently filming the fifth season, and we can probably expect the new season to drop on Netflix in June. You've got six months for four seasons — pretty doable.

9. "Broad City"

Comedy Central

Why you should catch up: "Broad City" is one of the best comedies on TV right now, and people are finally starting to realize it. You can bet everyone will be talking about it this summer.

How much time you have: Season four has been announced for summer 2017 (though the season itself will take place during the NYC winter). Six months for these short episodes should be a breeze, if you can find somewhere to watch it.

10. "Stranger Things"


Why you should catch up: If you thought you were free of the "Stranger Things" mania after season one, you thought wrong. With all the theories floating around already, you can bet season two will be getting a ton of attention.

How much time you have: Season two filming is officially under way, and will probably air late this summer. There are only eight episodes, so if you can't catch up by then, I can't help you.

11. "Black-ish"


Why you should catch up: After snagging an Emmy and a Golden Globe last year, "Black-ish" is going to be around for a while and should definitely be on your list.

How much time you have: The third season premiered in September, so, again, technically you're out of time. But since a fourth season is looking likely, you have until next September to catch up.

12. "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"


Why you should catch up: This show really hit its stride in season two, and I really need everyone to watch. There's a musical number featuring a character coming out as bisexual! That is a real thing you can watch on network TV!

How much time you have: Like "Black-ish," season two of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" aired in the fall. But it's been officially renewed for a third season next fall, so just catch up before then.

13. "Atlanta"


Why you should catch up: The show won two Golden Globes in its first season, so it's going places. Plus, wouldn't it be great if over these next four years people talked more about Donald Glover than Donald Trump?

How much time you have: FX has confirmed "Atlanta" for a second season, but it's not slated to air until 2018. So no rush.

Happy binging!