Here's The One Hair Product You Need This Summer, According To Shay Mitchell

When it comes to hair care, Shay Mitchell knows what she's talking about.

The 29-year-old actress is a style sensation on and off screen.

Whether she's playing Emily on "Pretty Little Liars" or posting a new selfie to Instagram, Shay has carved a reputation as a fashion icon.

Elite Daily had the opportunity to sit down with Shay and talk about her beauty regime, especially during the summer months.

When it's hot out, how are we supposed to keep our curls in check or stop our straight strands from frizzing?

Don't worry, Shay has our back.

When asked about her go-to hair products during the summertime, Shay shared the only thing she needs. She told us,

For me, I think it's salt spray, to be honest with you. It's like with salt water, when you go swimming in the ocean and your hair has a natural curl or wave to it when you come out of the water.

WTF, THAT'S THE MAGICAL ANSWER? Someone buy me some salt spray ASAP. Shay added,

I don't like going too crazy in one styling direction, whether that's curling or straightening it to perfection, because it's gonna be hot and humid outside so it's not gonna be good.

Great point. When it's warm out, less is definitely more.

Shay also loves traveling, so it isn't too surprising she packs light when it comes to beauty products.

Oh, and speaking of travel, Shay is currently partnered with Sanpellegrino's Sparkling Fruit Beverages to help them launch a new travel app, Delightways.

Rather than simply getting from point A to point B, Delightways creates a unique route for users to visit trendy stops along the way. Shay explained,

It's an awesome app because if you're choosing to go to a place, you can take a different route you wouldn't normally take. Along the way you can find really cool spots like food trucks and museums and little cafes that you may have never heard of before.  I love traveling, I love exploring, and this app really embodies that.

FOOD TRUCKS? Sign me up.

I guess I'll have to buy some sea salt spray and download this app. Is that all I have to do to look like Shay Mitchell?!

Well, and make out with Nick Jonas. But that's a different story...