Selena Gomez had a crush on Cole Sprouse.

Selena Gomez Had A Major Crush On Another Disney Star

Calling this crossover episode “The Suite Life Of Waverly Place.”

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Before there was the celeb dating app Raya, there was the epic 2000s Disney dating pool. At the time, Selena Gomez, aka the queen of Disney channel, dated fellow teen sensation Nick Jonas. But it turns out, even before that, the Wizards of Waverly Place star was holding a torch for another Disney star. During a Nov. 2 interview with Variety, Gomez said that her new documentary, My Mind & Me, will include details about her childhood celebrity crush on... Cole Sprouse.

Apparently, Gomez’s film features writing on a wall that says “Cole loves Selena.” (Casual.) When asked about Sprouse during the Nov. 2 interview, the “Good For You” singer got seriously giggly. “Have you told him that you had a crush on him?” the Variety reporter asked her. Gomez laughed and emphasized, “No!”

So, um, why did the wall say that Sprouse loved her? When asked, Gomez covered her face with her hand. “Yeah, I know, and he doesn’t, I’m sure,” she replied. “But it was, um, it was honest. Honestly, I think he’s adorable. But yeah, I don’t know. I hope he doesn’t think I’m a weirdo.” The Only Murders In The Building star shrugged and laughed.

The Variety interviewer interjected, “You were a kid! You were a kid. You had a celeb crush.” Gomez gave a cheeky smile. “I know,” she said.

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This isn’t the first time Gomez has reminisced about her crush on Sprouse. In September 2019, she shared some hilarious childhood doodles on Instagram that read “Selena + Juan” and “Selena Belongs W/ Cole Sprouse 4-Ever!!!” She joked in her caption, “Apparently my heart was very conflicted between Juan and Cole Sprouse when I was 11.” At the time, the Riverdale actor had an epic response. “Always Juan-upping me,” he quipped in the comments section. OK, so safe to say he doesn’t think she’s a “weirdo.”

Although the chances of a Gomez-Sprouse romance are slim (Sprouse is currently dating fashion model Ari Fournier), it’s always fun to reminisce on childhood crushes.