Sadie Sink opened up about starring in Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ film in a new interview with Ji...

Sadie Sink's Quotes About Starring In Taylor's All Too Well Film Are So Sweet

"I didn't know she knew I existed."

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to star in a short film directed by your favorite pop star? Sadie Sink will tell you all about it. In a May 24 interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sink opened up about her experience working with Taylor Swift on the All Too Well short film. The short film premiered on November 12, 2021 and broke the internet. The original, 2021 Red version of the song is only five minutes long, so the 10-minute version gave Swifties plenty to unpack.

“Taylor was saying she wasn’t going to make it if you didn’t star in it,” Fallon told Sink, who shook her head in disbelief. “She really wanted you to star in this film — have you known each other?” Fallon asked. Sink replied, “No! Like, I didn’t know she knew I existed! And if she would have asked me to, like, be a tree in something, then I would have said yes in a heartbeat.” Me too, Sadie.

When asked what Swift was like while making her directorial debut with the short film, Sink called her “amazing.” She added, “Obviously, I mean she can do anything, so she was incredible at it.” The 65.8 million viewers on YouTube definitely seem to agree.

All Too Well is rumored to tell the story of Swift’s relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. In just 10 minutes, Sink and co-star Dylan O'Brien dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator light and make the idea of being “broken like a promise” feel so real.

To show just how big of a Swiftie Sink is, Fallon surprised her with an old meet-and-greet photograph from Swift’s 1989 tour. “I was so upset,” Sink said. “Because my eyes were, like, halfway closed and I looked like a drunk child! I left and was like ‘Oh, I blew it! I blew it!’” Little did she know, 6 years later she would be the star of Swift’s first short film.

After a three-year wait, Season 4 of Stranger Things will premiere on Friday, May 27. When asked about her character, Max, Sink gave a no-spoilers answer to Fallon. “Max, you know, she’s not doing too hot. You’re kind of getting to see her in her, like, her emo phase a bit,” Sink said. “It was, like, a nice, like, challenge.”

The promo pictures for Season 4 so far show how much the kids have grown up, and they tease the newest monster. “It’s darker and scarier than ever. The kids are obviously, like, we’re a lot more mature now, so the show has kind of matured with it,” Sink said.

Volume 1 of Stranger Things Season 4 hits Netflix on May 27. Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 will arrive July 1.