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Rob Kardashian Revealed What His Family Really Thinks Of His Engagement


It sounds like the Kardashians are overjoyed to hear Blac Chyna will be joining the family, well, at least according to Rob Kardashian.

The 29-year-old star proposed to Blac Chyna early this month, and since the start of their engagement, there has been speculation over whether or not Rob's family approves.

I mean, there is a lot of history and drama between Chyna and the Kardashians. Like, for starters, there's the small fact Chyna has a child with Tyga, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner. Weird, right?

It's also interesting to note none of Rob's family members have publicly congratulated him. There have been ZERO social media posts, and you know his sisters are on Instagram 24/7.

Maybe they're just so overwhelmed with excitement they're speechless? Who knows?

All I know is when X17Online asked Rob how his family feels about the engagement, Rob responded,

My family is very happy.

You can watch the video above and hear Rob's words for yourself. I guess we'll see if it's an accurate statement once it's time for the wedding. Just picture Kim Kardashian West as a bridesmaid, LOL.

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