10 Photos Of Peter From 'The Bachelorette' To Quench Your Thirst

by Becky Wandel

Peter from The Bachelorette has been a fan-favorite since he walked out of that limo on day one and managed, in a field of penguins and “whabooms,” to be perfectly charming, adorably earnest, and of course ridiculously handsome.

With a gap-toothed smile, textbook dreamboat baby blues, and a hint of salt and pepper in his hair, the model-turned-personal trainer has coasted into Rachel's final four and it's hard not to root for him.

In the words of the lucky bachelorette herself, “He's just so dreamy.”

Luckily for us, Peter's dreaminess is very well-documented online. Ready to swoon?

We're gonna kick it off with some wholesome family photos before we get into all the sweaty gym pics, OK? Here he is looking hot with his sisters.

Here he is looking hot with his niece.

And here he is looking hot with his nephew.

Also, a PSA to any man who chooses to look hot anywhere near a baby -- I'm onto you.

Here are his abs at the gym.

Peter owns his own personal training company and frequently posts pics of himself shirtless. It really makes you think twice about skipping ab day.

Here are more abs at the gym.

Even more abs at the gym.

OK, he owns a personal training company, I should stop being surprised he looks this good. But still.

Here are his abs in the pool.

Not to be ignorant about anatomy or whatever but looking at that photo, I'm almost sure that man has at least one million abs.

Here are his abs dressed liked Santa.

If I make an "I'd sit on his lap" joke and no one is around to hear it, did it really make a sound?

No abs here, just a really cute pic.

Not only is that the most apple pie smile I have ever seen a human man pull off, but the Green Bay Packers are like the most wholesome team in the NFL. Owned by their fans. First Super Bowl Champs. Love this.

And finally, I mean... come on.

Yeah, did you forget he was a model? I didn't! If you're not convinced by now to root for this guy, I can't help you.