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Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are reportedly back together.

Here’s Why Peter & Kelley Reportedly Got Back Together

Is this a… Bachelor success story?


It looks like love might be in the air (again) for Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan. ICYMI, the duo was spotted together a few times this summer and fall, leading to some speculation about a potential romance. And it seems like all the rumors are true. According to an Us Weekly source, Weber and Flanagan are “full-on back together,” and their reported reason for reuniting is sweet.

Apparently, Weber was still harboring some feelings for his ex — and is now ready to take things to the next level. “Peter wants to be in a serious committed relationship and his feelings for Kelley never went away,” the insider told Us on Sept. 26. Cute!

The source continued, “They’re both happy and looking forward to where things go this time around.” Apparently, that includes Weber “planning fun dates” for the two of them — including a Cubs game. TBH, it sounds like Weber’s date ideas could give The Bachelor producers a run for their money.

Reportedly, everything between the exes has been going well so far. They’ve been having “a lot of fun together,” the source added.

Though things might be smooth sailing (flying?) now, it wasn’t always so rosy between them. When Flanagan and Weber met on Season 24 of The Bachelor, things were complicated. Weber actually sent Flanagan home before eventually proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss (and then pursuing his runner-up Madi Prewett). Weber and Flanagan started dating after his season wrapped in March 2020. On Dec. 30, 2020, the duo announced their breakup — and the drama didn’t end there.

A little refresher: Weber posted about their split ahead of the New Year, despite Flanagan asking him to wait. She explained on the Off The Vine podcast in March 2021, “I essentially asked him if I could have a couple of days to process it myself before we let the entire world know and I wanted to tell my family and my friends and just be able to process it within myself before I have it on blast…that necessarily wasn't granted.” Oof.

According to Flanagan, in Feb. 2021, they attempted getting back together... and it did not end well. On the Chicks In The Office podcast in May 2021, Flanagan shared that she “found some news out that I wasn’t happy about. We still had each other on Find My Friends… I went off and essentially said, like, ‘Get the hell out of my life.’”

Weber’s response? He took to his own podcast Bachelors In The City to criticize Flanagan’s claims on May 26, 2021. Per Weber, she “was very trying to push for a headline.” He also called her interviews “very just calculated, very disingenuous.”

Sounds like they both had a change heart.