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Pete Davidson and Olivia O'Brien denied reports that they dated.

Wait, Now Pete And Olivia Are Saying They Didn't Actually Date

What is going on?

by Daffany Chan
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It’s been a wild week for Olivia O’Brien. After the singer seemed to reveal she had a past fling with Pete Davidson, she’s now clearing up the rumors... and she’s not alone. Both Pete Davidson and Olivia O’Brien denied reports that they dated in the past after an anonymous rumor started making rounds and O’Brien appeared to confirm the gossip in a June 29 interview on the BFFs podcast. Though O’Brien originally talked around the rumored fling, she clarified her previous comments that seemed to link the two together on social media, explaining that her words were taken “way out of context.”

In case you missed it, the gossip all started after a Deuxmoi post claimed that Davidson had "ended things with B-list popstar/influencer he had been seeing" prior to dating Phoebe Dynevor in 2021 — which got plenty of people thinking that the mysterious lover was O’Brien.

O’Brien appeared to confirm the rumors on a June 29 episode of the BFFs podcast in a segment named "Olivia O'Brien Talks Secret Relationship With Pete Davidson." During the segment, host Dave Portnoy asked O’Brien if the anonymous claim was about her. "True or false?," he pressed.

O’Brien responded, "Um, yeah. Uh, Pete. Um, I didn't think — I didn't think that anyone knew about that. I really didn't." The 22-year-old added, "Yeah, yeah, we, that's true. Nice guy,” and explained that Davidson had ended things with her through text in 2020.

But now, O’Brien is clarifying her comments about her dating history, calling the comments taken from the interview “way out of context.”

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She told followers in a since-deleted Instagram Story on July 1, “I never claimed to date anyone. Stop trying to start weird drama over me texting someone 2 years ago. Jesus Christ." In a second Story, she shared a clip of herself flipping off the camera and said, “Watch the f*cking interview or shut your god damn mouth @ all the ... outlets posting fake stories about me.”

Olivia O'Brien/Instagram

Davidson also cleared up the rumors and denied he’s dated O’Brien in the past, with a rep telling E! on June 30: "There is no truth to this — they were friends and hung a few times."

The whole gossip is still a bit confusing, but it sounds like Davidson and O’Brien definitely sparked friendship that just never reached the next level.