Domino Kirke shared Penn Badgley's 'You'-themed birthday cake.

Penn Badgley Celebrated His Birthday With A Hilarious Tribute To Joe From You

Creepy and delicious!

Jim Spellman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Leave it to Penn Badgley to ring in a big birthday in true Scorpio fashion: with a unique cake that’s equal parts gorgeous and creepy. The actor turned 35 on Monday, Nov. 1, and his wife, Domino Kirke, shared some fun photos of the, ahem, unique way he celebrated. If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare for the Joe Goldberg tribute that is Penn Badgley’s You-themed 35th birthday cake.

Badgley had a lot to celebrate right now. Not only was he a popular Halloween costume thanks to his hat-loving You character, Joe Goldberg, but also, the third season of his show has blown up on Netflix after its premiere on Oct. 15. With the Joe Goldberg obsession at its peak, it’s no wonder Badgley’s birthday celebrations honored his current Netflix hit. Although he and wife are usually pretty private, they showed off the fun, You-inspired treats that they snacked on to celebrate Badgley’s big day.

Created by baker Stacy-Ann Douge, the four cakes are molded into the number “35” to celebrate Badgley’s new age, but the real pièce de résistance is the edible photos of Joe Goldberg that sit atop the cakes. “I love eating my husband’s face,” Kirke joked on her Instagram story on Nov. 2. Along with the Joe pics, the colorful cakes were also topped with assorted berries, macaroons, and yellow flowers.

While the birthday cakes are certainly beautiful, Badgley’s You character is far from sweet. The lovestruck stalker has left a trail of bodies in his wake as he fixates on one soulmate after another, and the recently premiered third season was one of the bloodiest yet. After finding his maybe-too-perfect match in the equally murderous Love Quinn, Joe had to navigate a frustrating new life in the suburbs for the sake of his newborn son.

It looks like Season 4 will see Joe in a glamorous new location, though, so Badgley’s high-end birthday cakes could be a first taste of the colorful vibrancy that awaits You fans in the next season.