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Paris Hilton Shares Her Best Tips For Attending Music Festivals

Sunglasses, glam looks, and cosmos — that’s hot.

Elite Daily; Rick Kern/Getty Images for The Sandbox

Festival season is for the it girls. The Kardashians, the Hadids, or Vanessa Hudgens may come to mind when you think of Coachella, but Paris Hilton was there first. Over the years, the 43-year-old star has inspired everything from fashion and music to catchphrases like “That’s hot.”

If you want the ins and outs of a music festival, Hilton knows best. “I was going years ago when nobody even hardly knew about it,” the DJ told People in April. The Simple Life star even appeared at this year’s Coachella, serving up her new Sliving Cosmo with Absolut vodka.

She partnered with the brand for her first-ever glassware collection at the perfect time. Cosmos, according to Hilton, are having a major comeback, especially at festivals.

Below, the ultimate festival mentor shares her best tips for living it up like a festival girlie all season long.

Absolut Vodka

Elite Daily: What are five things everyone needs to bring to a festival?

Paris Hilton: I would bring sunglasses, an electric fan because it gets hot during the day, a sweater or something for later because it gets cold at night, ChapStick, and a cellphone charger.

ED: Do you have any tips for people who are going to their first festival this year?

PH: Download the app for whatever festival you’re going to. Pick out your favorite artists, and it will automatically make a schedule for you. That way you can see who’s playing at what time, so that you’re not at the festival being like, “Oh, my God, where do we go?” It’s good to be organized.

I wore this sick black cowboycore outfit with a black hat, fringes on the top and the skirt, and these really amazing black cowboy boots. It was just so hot.

You also need to plan all of your looks in advance. If you’re going for a three-day weekend festival, have all of your outfits ready. Whatever you’re wearing — your shoes, your sunglasses, outfits, jackets, all the jewelry — have it all together so that each day you’re not freaking out over what you’re going to wear.

And make sure that all of your friends can stay together. You can even put each other’s locations on your phone or something in case you get lost.

Absolut Vodka
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ED: Speaking of looks, do you have an all-time favorite look you've worn?

PH: Oh, my God, there’s so many. I love festival season and dressing up for it. It’s just so much fun for me. My most favorite looks were this year at Coachella. I went to the Absolut tent. Lana Del Rey was playing that night, so I was inspired by her and wore this beautiful flower child PatBo white cream outfit with a beautiful white flower crown.

The next day, I was inspired by Beyoncé, even though she wasn’t performing. I wore this sick black cowboycore outfit with a black hat, fringes on the top and the skirt, and these really amazing black cowboy boots. It was just so hot.

ED: Cosmos are beloved by many, including the Sex and the City girls, and now Taylor Swift. Do you have any unique cosmo recipes that you’ll be trying this summer?

PH: All those girls are icons, so they know an iconic drink. For me, it’s all about the Sliving Cosmos — especially in my new Absolut Paris Hilton Cosmo collection of glassware. That makes it even more iconic.

Absolut Vodka

ED: Do you have any tips for getting your Sliving Cosmo just right?

PH: Make sure that you chill it at the correct amount of time and keep it cold.

ED: You just announced your sophomore album Infinite Icon. If you could create an Infinite Icon drink, what would it be?

PH: The Infinite Icon drink would be an Absolut Sliving Cosmo, but then take pink edible glitter and mix it with purple and turquoise, so then it becomes a holographic unicorn color. And serve it in my pink, gorgeous new glass.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.