Paige and Josh from 'Love Is Blind' Season 5 revealed their engagement was cut from the show.

A Love Is Blind Season 5 Couple Revealed Their Engagement Wasn't Shown

Add this to the list of things cut from this season.


Love may be blind, but this season of the dating show seems blind to love. As Season 5 of Love is Blind whittled down to the fewest central couples in the show’s history, rumors that several other engagements were cut from the show have overtaken the fandom. And now, we have confirmation of one unseen love story. Paige and Josh revealed they found love in the pods, even if Love Is Blind Season 5 didn’t show it.

Paige and Josh didn’t really get much airtime during the dating pods. Per their Netflix bios, Paige is a stylist who joined Love Is Blind to find someone worthy of her big-hearted kindness, and Josh is a sales representative who has always longed for a wife and family.

Their story may not have made it to TV, but they confirmed they did get engaged during the experiment in an Oct. 4 joint Instagram post.

“We got engaged,” the couple wrote under a collage of videos chronicling their romance. “Josh and I are so excited to share that we found love in the pods. We were each other’s first pod dates and number one picks from the beginning. Our story is filled with love, beautiful moments and happiness with no drama.”

Paige and Josh went on to reveal that while planning their wedding, they decided to break up. “After the show we stayed engaged and even planned our wedding. During the time we shared together we fell deeply in love and also found out we just wanted different things out of life. We made the hardest decision to end our engagement, we have nothing but love and respect for each other and always will. We are so grateful LIB brought us together and would do it all over again if we could.”


The revelation came as fans have also been investigating another engagement that was seemingly deleted from Season 5. Social media sleuths have pieced together that Renee and Carter also very likely got engaged, and even may have had their wedding day filmed, but Love Is Blind didn’t use any of their footage.

This isn’t the first time Love Is Blind has chosen not to highlight engagements that happen in the pods. In Season 4, three engagements weren’t shown, with one of these unseen romances coming back to stir up major drama when it was revealed Josh had been engaged to Monica before dating Jackie.