In an Elite Daily interview, OMEGA X talks about their newest mini-album, 'LOVE ME LIKE.'

OMEGA X Explains Why LOVE ME LIKE Is Their Sexiest Album Yet

The K-pop band is all grown up.

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OMEGA X is feeling seductive. Just take a look at the breathtaking music video for their new track, “LOVE ME LIKE.” Wearing black mesh, harnesses, crop tops, and cropped jackets that expose their abs, the men take turns seducing the camera with their gripping stares and mesmerizing choreography. One standout dance move involves the guys raising their hands to the side of their mouths and pretending to play the song’s catchy flute melody. They’re like pied pipers, enticing fans with their music and good looks.

This newfound mature vibe for the band is intentional. “We wanted to bring a really sexy feeling to this video because that’s the whole theme and whole mood to this song,” Hangyeom tells Elite Daily. “LOVE ME LIKE” is an aesthetic departure for the group who was previously known for their youthful personas. The song appears on their second mini-album of the same name, which dropped on Jan. 5. The five-track record instantly pulls listeners in with the bold title track’s infectious hook and flirty lyrics. I need your love. Don’t stop. Give me more, give me more,” OMEGA X sings.

Hwichan says the group chose “LOVE ME LIKE” as their latest single for its sultry aesthetic. “‘LOVE ME LIKE’ is a perfect title track because the song's atmosphere and lyrics both work well towards a general concept of sexiness,” he says.

For the uninitiated, OMEGA X is comprised of 11 members: Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan. They debuted under Spire Entertainment in June of last year with their debut mini-album, VAMOS. It attracted attention among fans for upbeat dance anthems like its title track, as well as their namesake song “OMEGA X.” The group returned in September with the EDM singles “WHAT’S GOIN’ ON” and “BAILA CON OX.”

OMEGA X has a penchant for exploring new genres, though how this constant change and growth manifests for each member is different. Over the past year, Xen says he’s learned to be more confident. “Before our debut, I used to have a mindset that if it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” he says about their songwriting and production processes.

He no longer thinks in such a binary. Working with his bandmates showed him the power of behind-the-scenes collaboration. There’s something to be said about conviction. As a performer, it’s worth seeing your visions through after a period of self-doubt. “So my mindset is now, that if we are trying to do it, then we could do it. It’s more positive,” Xen says.

Hyuk agrees that OMEGA X can do anything by putting their minds together. “Each member has different strengths and different talents. So we pretty much fill in our gaps while working together, and I think it has worked really well for us,” he says.

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They also showcase their ambition through their songwriting skills. OMEGA X first helped compose lyrics for the track “YOUNGER” on VAMOS. Now, the group has returned to write on their LOVE ME LIKE songs “LIAR” and “PLEASE.” Specifically, Jaehan, Hangyeom, and Yechan helped with composition and lyrics on “LIAR.” The emotionally-charged song about learning to let someone go puts the group’s dreamy vocals front and center. “I think it was a great opportunity to show off our musical talent,” Jaehan says.

Meanwhile, “PLEASE” is a tear-jerking anthem about longing for the one you love. Hangyeom channeled his emotions in the song by thinking of who he misses most: their fans, who they collectively refer to as FOR X. While writing the track, Hangyeom says he thought of a video call he and the guys had with FOR X last April. “I just want FOR X to remember that I always kept them in mind even when making this song,” Hangyeom says.

Working together on the new songs also helped the group learn to communicate more effectively in the studio. “I think we improved a lot [by] focusing on the message of [our] music,” Yechan says.

Unlike their previous mini-album, VAMOS, which featured mostly EDM-heavy tracks, LOVE ME LIKE offers a more diverse tracklist. The project begins with the dance songs “LOVE ME LIKE” and “ACTION,” which are reminiscent of the group’s earlier singles. The album then slows down with their sentimental track “12.24” before finishing out with two emotional ballads, “LIAR” and “PLEASE.”

Jehyun says experimenting with different emotions allows the group to grow as artists. “Trying new genres for me is trying new feels and new vibes, so by giving the best effort that we can in every style and sound that we try is only going to benefit each other and the team,” he says.

If it feels like OMEGA X has upped the dial on just about everything, it’s because they have. They’re also challenging themselves as live performers. The group played a variety of instruments during the performance of “LIAR” at their comeback showcase on Jan. 5. in South Korea, including acoustic and electric guitar to drums and the keyboard.

Jaehan says the group has talked about performing as a band since the beginning. “We thought it would be really cool, and we finally got a chance to do it,” he says. “We really wanted to show what we were capable of through this showcase.”

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The band’s recent elevation as performers is partly due to OMEGA X’s ongoing discovery of their layered and expanding artistry. “My goal would be to have all eleven members be good artists individually,” Jehyun says. “We want to show our talent and show what we have and share it with the world.” Sebin agrees with the sentiment. “My goal is to be an all-rounder who is good at everything,” he says.

This said, little is more important for OMEGA X than performing for as many fans around the world as they can. “Hopefully, we can have more events like fan meets and showcases [where] we actually get to meet our fans face to face,” Taedong says. Junghoon adds, “I want to meet our FOR X everywhere in and out of [South] Korea. Hopefully, that day comes as soon as possible.”

“Wherever you are, wherever our fans are, we are going to be there,” Xen says.

It’s a two-way relationship. FOR X are the ones who’ve inspired OMEGA X to chase their dreams. In return, the group wants to encourage their fans to be able to do anything they set their minds to. As Kevin says, “I hope everyone keeps pushing forward [to] what they’re dreaming of.”