Omega X released their 'Love Me Like' video on Jan. 5.

Fans Are In Their Feels Over OMEGA X's "Love Me Like" Music Video

Their comeback has so far been epic.

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Omega X is back like they never left. The band kicked off the year with Love Me Like, their new five song mini-album. The lead single of the same name arrived in tandem with a music video, and it provided ~almost~ too much excitement for fans to handle. Twitter is being flooded with tweets of praise, and it’s safe to say fans are in their feels.

Omega X is going all out with their return to the spotlight, and they even planned a comeback showcase for the night of Jan. 5. The same day, fans were treated to the official music video for “Love Me Like,” and they’re so here for every epic second.

One fan tweeted, “I'm going to scream so freaking loud cause my precious omega x boys dropped their 2nd mini album with god dang it hot as hell visuals and banger as the title track and their choreo... oh sh*t... no one is doing it like omega x.”

The excited reactions didn’t end there. It seemed like every fan was in agreement, and dozens of tweets stated how “proud” fans were.

You can see all the best Twitter reactions to the “Love Me Like” video below.

As you can see, the hype around the new video was endless, and the band is equally as proud of their latest release. “I believe this album really displays our diversity as a group,” Jaehan said in a statement. “I hope to show a new charm and side of Omega X our fans have yet to see, particularly through our self-composed B-side tracks. I’m grateful we have the opportunity to showcase these songs.” Meanwhile, Hangyeom said he is “ecstatic to see our fans again so soon with a fast comeback.”

Omega X has come so far since debuting in June 2021, and their latest project has fans more invested than ever.