On Nov. 28, Omar Apollo responded to a fan on Twitter who accused him of "queerbaiting."

Omar Apollo’s Response To Queerbaiting Allegations Was NSFW

Well, that clears up any confusion.

Rick Kern/WireImage/Getty Images

Omar Apollo just made it quite clear he isn’t queerbaiting. The Grammy-nominated singer recently responded to a fan on Twitter who questioned whether or not he was “queerbaiting” his fans. Apollo quickly shut down the claim in perhaps the most succinct and humorous way possible.

For context, LGBTQ+ activist Leo Herrera defined “queerbaiting” to Rolling Stone in 2021 as when “a celebrity or a public figure capitalizes on the suspicion that they may be romantically involved with another same-sex person for the sake of publicity, promotion or a capitalistic gain.”

The possibility of Apollo queerbaiting was posed by Twitter user @purposeflaming on Nov. 28. “is omar apollo another queerbaiting singer? like those type ‘i don’t label myself let me wear cropped and paint my nails and i say i find another guy hot.’ cuz i like his song but i don’t like supporting straight men doing queerbating,” they wrote.

Though the Twitter user didn’t directly tag Apollo, the tweet still made its way to the Ivory singer.

“no i b sucking d*ck fr,” Apollo wrote in a quote tweet. He then followed up his response by saying in a separate tweet, “from the back.” Well, that answers that.

Now, if that user is still wondering whether or not they should support Apollo after this exchange? The answer is as straight-forward as his response: Yes, activate that stan card.

In April, months before both these Twitter exchanges, Apollo talked about fully embracing his sexual identity in an interview with NPR. At the time, he told the outlet that, while his sexuality has occasionally been shrouded in mystery, he’s always been completely open about being gay.

“I feel like in the beginning, I was trying to be mysterious and stuff, but now I’m just like — I’m very gay, so I’m just like, whatever,” he said. “It’s funny, every time I’m doing an interview, they’re like, ‘You don’t like to…’ I’m like, ‘Damn, do I really come off like that?’ But no, I’m totally about it. Maybe I was trying to keep the mystique, you understand? But I don’t even care anymore.”

Aside from beating the queerbating allegations, Apollo’s had an incredible year as an artist. Namely, he’s for Best New Artist at the Grammys against the likes of Latto, Anitta, Måneskin, and others.

Sonically, Omar Apollo always wears his heart on his sleeve with his raw lyricism. (Ahem, looking right at you, “Evergreen”). In fact, Apollo used his honest lyrics on Twitter to cement that, yes, he’s gay.

Back in March, Apollo corrected a Twitter user who misinterpreted his NSFW lyrics on his 2020 song “I’m Amazing.” The lyrics in question? “Moved away, but you got a girl now / Sh*t remind me when I used to blow your back out.”

When another Twitter user noted Apollo was “clearing the air” by clarifying such a specific lyric, the singer had the best response: “i had 2 for the gays.”

And thank god he did.