Noah Schnapp shared a TikTok video of his UPenn acceptance, and the moment is so sweet.

Noah Schnapp Posted His College Acceptance Reaction On TikTok And It's So Hype

Imagine running into Will Byers on campus.

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You go, Will Byers! The Stranger Things star known for playing Will on the hit series is about to hit the books at the University of Pennsylvania after officially becoming a Penn Quaker, and he documented his acceptance on social media. Noah Schnapp’s TikTok of his UPenn acceptance is so happy, and you’re going to feel like you were the one who got the exciting letter.

Little Will Byers isn’t so little anymore, and it looks like UPenn will soon be his new stomping ground. On Friday, Dec. 17, Schnapp shared a TikTok video that organically captured his and his family’s reaction to his acceptance into the University of Pennsylvania. The prestigious college is currently ranked as the fifth-best Ivy League school and the eighth-best national university. The 17-year-old, who shot to fame as one of the stars of Netflix’s Stranger Things, captioned the TikTok video with pride, writing, “#UPENN2026 BABY.”

The TikTok video features OneRepublic’s song “I Lived” from the band’s 2013 album Native and Schnapp’s family members, including his twin sister Chloe, erupting in excitement after reading his acceptance letter. The clip shows his parents, Mitchell and Karine, and Schnapp and his sister staring at a computer screen. First, Schnapp looks nervous, but quickly the moment turns into a joyous occasion as they see he’s been accepted to the university, and they begin dancing around the kitchen, screaming and clapping in excitement. His dad eventually turns back to read the screen, smiling in pride.

Although Schnapp may be a famous actor, he isn’t the only one to share his family’s reactions to college acceptance letters, as it’s become a big trend on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Netflix shared the video of Schnapp, expressing the streaming platform’s pride for the star. “This video of Noah Schnapp learning he got accepted to college is the purest thing in the world. Congrats, Noah,” Netflix wrote on its Twitter account, sharing the video.

Schnapp’s sister Chloe previously shared a TikTok video of her bro getting accepted into Harvard University’s class of 2025 in December 2020 but clarified that it was a joke in the comments.

On her Instagram Stories, Chloe also shared photos of her twin brother, writing "THIS KID IS OFF TO UPENN!!!"

Chloe Schnapp/Instagram

Her Story continued, "I could not be more proud of you...but pls don't leave me. I can't wait to watch you do big things in life. Seriously tho how am I gonna live w out u 24/7 in my room.”


Although it looks like Schnapp is headed off to college next fall, it’s unclear what that’ll mean for his acting career. He recently wrapped filming Stranger Things Season 4, which will premiere on Netflix in mid-2022.