Niall Horan attended Harry Styles' June 19 'Love On Tour' concert at Wembley Stadium in London.

Niall Was At Harry’s London Show, And 1D Fans Aren't Okay

Wish I was there, TBH

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There was a very special guest in the crowd during Harry Styles’ latest Love On Tour concert. On Sunday, June 19, the “Late Night Talking” singer performed at Wembley Stadium, where fans were surprised to see another One Direction member cheering Harry on from the stands. That’d be none other than Niall Horan.

The “Slow Hands” singer was captured on video by a fan jamming out to Harry’s single “As It Was” and their One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful.” Of course, Directioners are absolutely losing it...myself included.

After kicking off the North American leg of his tour in Las Vegas last September, Harry returned to the Europe for performances on June 11 with a concert in Glasgow, Scotland. He then put on two back-to-back concerts in Manchester, England, on June 15 and 16 before moving on to Wembley Stadium in London on June 18 and 19.

A number of familiar faces were reportedly in attendance at the June 19 show. According to The Daily Mail, Stranger Things’ costars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp attended, alongside Brown’s boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. A fan on Twitter also posted a video of Niall hugging who appears to be Harry’s sister, Gemma Styles. According to Billboard, Niall was accompanied by his girlfriend Amelia Woolley.

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The videos appear to have likely originated from Twitter user, @tpwkivy. They tweeted on June 19, “NIALL HORAN BEHIND ME AT HARRY STYLES TONIGHT IM GONNA THROW UP.” One of the videos they posted showed Niall smiling and bopping his head to “What Makes You Beautiful.” As a long-time Directioner, it was such a sweet moment.

There are so many videos of Niall at the show. In another, the singer danced to “As It Was.”

Finally, there’s a quick clip of Niall sitting and watching Harry perform “Golden.”

Though it’s unclear if the two former bandmates interacted before or after the show, Niall simply attending Harry’s concert meant a great deal to their fans.

Harry will continue touring all over Europe throughout June and July in countries like Germany, Frace, Italy, and Portugal. He’ll also return to North America in August for a number of shows in Toronto, New York, Austin, Chicago, and Inglewood. You can find more info about his upcoming concerts here.