Ned's safe room reveal strengthened the 'Cruel Summer' theory that Luke is still alive.

Cruel Summer Just Dropped A Clue That Strengthens A Game-Changing Fan Theory

If you weren't convinced before, you should be now.


Things just keep getting weirder in Chatham, and even though Cruel Summer Season 2 is nearing its end, the mystery of Luke’s murder is still anyone’s guess. There is one theory that seems to be gaining a lot of traction, though. And after the latest revelation about Megan’s strange relationship with the high-tech loner Ned, it seems even more likely that Luke’s death may not have been what it seemed.

Spoiler alert: This post details moments from Cruel Summer Season 2, Episode 6. As all Cruel Summer fans know, the new mystery is definitely going to end with a twist, which is why a prominent fan theory has taken root that Luke may still be alive. He definitely has a motive to fake his death, given his troubled home life and a looming college decision that he feels forced into, plus it may explain some of Isabella and Megan’s strange behavior, like why Megan was cleaning up the cabin and all that cash in Isabella’s backpack. If the two girls were helping Luke with his fake death, they’d want to keep his hideout free from suspicion and leave him with some money to help him restart his life elsewhere.

There are a few more details that seem to support this theory, like Luke casually mentioning a longtime pen pal in San Diego during the two truths and a lie game and his fake ID name being the creator of the Bourne Identity novels, but the biggest clue may have dropped in Episode 6. Just days before Luke’s supposed death, Megan met up with the loner coding genius Ned to help him set up a security room. It’s not really clear why Ned has this room, but it does seem like the perfect place for someone who’s pretending to be dead to secretly hide out. Put that together with Ned revealing he has a strong animosity towards the Chambers family, and a new theory starts to come together. Could Luke still be alive and hiding in Ned’s safe room?


There’s still a lot that needs to be explained if that is indeed the case, but it certainly seems like Ned would be willing to help Megan out if she asked him to keep her bestie hidden. Find out the truth as new episodes drop Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform, and stream next day on Hulu.