'Cruel Summer' Season 2 fans have theories about Isabella's part in that sex tape scandal.

This Cruel Summer Fan Theory About That Sex Tape Makes So Much Sense

Isabella is def sus.


Cruel Summer totally flipped the script on fans in Season 2. The Skylin fiasco from Season 1 has completely disappeared, and in its place, a new murder mystery set around Y2K has everyone second-guessing a new group of suspicious teens in Chatham, Washington. And fans already have theories about which secrets are going to come out. In particular, there’s a prominent fan theory about Isabella’s involvement in that sex tape scandal that definitely sounds convincing, and it could be the key to figuring out the truth.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses events from the first two episodes of Cruel Summer Season 2. Yes, the question of who killed Luke is at the center of the new season of Cruel Summer, but the first two episodes also presented viewers with a more insidious mystery. At Luke’s dad’s Christmas party in 1999, a sex tape was played that shook the central trio. Initially, the tape seemed to star Luke and Isabella, the new exchange student Megan’s family had taken in over the summer. But it’s later revealed it was actually Luke and Megan on the tape, even though Isabella took the blame for it.

That revelation was definitely a twist, but it also brought up a suspicious question. All three characters reacted bizarrely to the sex tape considering they knew it was Megan and not Isabella being filmed. After the tape screened, Isabella profusely apologized to Megan, and Megan was clearly upset with her. Why would that be? The moment left fans so confused when considering it in hindsight.

And rethinking on the strange reactions has led to a lot of theories about what’s really going on with Megan, Isabella, and Luke. One guess is that Isabella could have been the one to film Megan and Luke, and Megan was somehow able to figure that out in seeing the video, thus explaining her anger at Isabella and Isabella’s apologies.

Another theory also picks up on Isabella possibly having an obsession with Megan. Some fans think Megan, Luke, and Isabella were all in an open relationship, whether that means they were at one point a throuple or that Megan was involved with both of them at the same time. This polyamorous theory could explain the sex tape in a few ways — maybe the tape had actually shown part of a threesome, or maybe Isabella had grown jealous of Megan’s closeness with Luke and leaked the tape to have her for herself.

The mystery will continue to unfold as new episodes of Cruel Summer Season 2 drop Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform, and stream next day on Hulu.