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Morgan From 'Boy Meets World' Is All Grown Up And Absolutely Stunning

Watching Disney Channel after school was probably the greatest part of my childhood. It's crazy to think about how much time has passed since my favorite shows aired on television.

From "Lizzie McGuire" to "That's So Raven," I couldn't get enough of everything Disney had to offer. But whatever happened to the Disney Channel stars?

Where are they all now?

Well, we've done our best to catch up with everyone, like Ren from "Even Stevens" and Pim Diffy  from "Phil Of The Future." But what about little Morgan from "Boy Meets World?" What's she up to these days?

And I'm talking about the first Morgan Matthews. Remember when they changed her character from Lily Nicksay to Lindsay Ridgeway about halfway through the show?

Lily was the original Morgan, and then Lindsay took over as she got older.

The Morgan who was my personal favorite was this little cutie.


Now that "Girl Meets World" is airing on Disney, we may as well look back at one of the show's best original characters.

Check out some of Morgan's best moments below to really feel the nostalgia.

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Lily Nicksay, the actress who played little Morgan, is now 28 years old and absolutely stunning.

DAMN. Lily has really grown up over the years.

She switched from working in television to performing in plays. Her latest appearance was in "A Singular They" with The Blank Theatre Company.

She even totally transformed her look to play the part.

Lily also starred in the 2016 production of "See Rock City" and the 2015 production of "Last Train To Nibroc" at the Rubicon Theatre. GET IT, GIRL.


It's clear from her Instagram feed that she loves acting, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

We miss you, Morgan. Sometimes, reruns of the show appear on ABC Family, and I feel like my little 12-year-old self again.

Thanks for making my childhood so freakin' awesome. You're the real MVP.