Monsta X's second English-language album, 'The Dreaming,' which features their lead single, "You Pro...

Monsta X's "You Problem" Music Video Is Making Me Want To Go Bowling

Permanently keeping this one on repeat.


Monsta X is back with another album! On Friday, Dec. 10, the group dropped their second English-language record, The Dreaming. The project arrived almost two years since they came out with their debut English album, All About Luv, in February 2020. To go along with their latest release, Monsta X shared an epic new music video for their lead single “You Problem,” which sees the guys partying the night away at a retro-looking bowling alley. Filled with neon colors and shining lights, Monsta X’s “You Problem” music video is a total disco dream.

“You Problem” is all about catching feelings for someone. “I'm only here for your love, I don't need no plan about us,” the group sings during the chorus. “It's simple, get lost in a romance and just dance, baby, let's just dance.”

The song is so catchy, and Monbebes fell in love with the song even more with the arrival of Monsta X’s “You Problem” music video. The clip instantly made fans smile with its colorful visuals and cool choreography. During the video, the guys clearly had fun as they bowled, played pool, and performed together on stage. Of course, there was also a lot of dancing involved.

Before dropping their new album and music video on Friday, Dec. 10, the group debuted their new movie, MONSTA X: The Dreaming, on Dec. 8. Monsta X has definitely spoiled fans with so many projects this year. The Dreaming marks the fourth record they’ve released this year following the arrival of their Japanese album Flavors of Love in May, plus their mini-albums One of a Kind in June and No Limit in November.

In a Dec. 3 interview with Consequence, Monsta X’s I.M. revealed the reason the group decided to release another English-language album. “The first album All About Luv, we wanted to show ourselves on the stage but this time, since the situation is bad, I mean like [a] pandemic, we wanted to communicate with an international language which is English,” he said.

Monbebes can’t wait to see what’s in store for Monsta X in 2022.