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Miley Revealed There's Only 1 Way She'll Ever Return To Acting

Her reason makes a lot of sense.

Miley Cyrus’ movie star era may be on pause right now, but she wouldn’t say no to bringing it back. Well, actually, she would say no to a lot of acting roles at the moment — she recently revealed that the only thing that could get her to act again would be a very specific type of character. After a five-year hiatus from TV and movies, here’s why Cyrus has become much more selective with the parts she plays.

Cyrus famously got her start as a child actor, making her big-screen debut in Big Fish at 10 years old, before launching into superstardom a few years later as the star of Disney Channel’s sitcom Hannah Montana. She starred in a few buzzy films throughout her teen years, like the beachy romance The Last Song and the audacious drama LOL, but her focus has mainly been on music for the past several years.

Though she’s had tiny cameos in recent movies like Drive-Away Dolls and did some voice acting in the Big Mouth spinoff Human Resources, Cyrus hasn’t had a major acting role since her 2019 episode of Black Mirror, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.”


So, what’s the deal with the acting hiatus? Cyrus explained in a June 3 W Magazine profile that she’s being a lot pickier when it comes to the silver screen, sharing that she would only take another project if the part met an important requirement: “I would like to act again. But the role would really need to be right, since it’s kind of hard for people to see past me and buy into a character,” Cyrus said.

“The character would either need to be an extension of myself, or someone — or something — with a personality that can conquer my own. I would need a character that is bigger than me.”

A character with a personality more compelling than Cyrus’? That’s a pretty tall order, but it makes sense considering how Cyrus’ own star power can make it difficult for moviegoers to see her as anyone other than a Grammy-winning pop star. That said, it sounds like we won’t be seeing Cyrus at the movies very soon.