Micah Lussier broke down the lie Kaz Bishop told her on 'Perfect Match.'

Micah Clears Up What Kaz *Really* Said To Her On Perfect Match

Two little words caused all that chaos.


This article contains spoilers for the first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2. Perfect Match wasn’t so perfect for Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop. The two reality stars started off super strong, forming what seemed to be one of the closest relationships in the house. But that all changed when Kaz’s affection was put to the test on a date with newbie Holly Scarfone. After the date, Micah accused Kaz of lying to her, which confused him. So, what was Micah referring to? She tells Elite Daily the specific exchange of words that started the massive blowup.

“I was under the impression that we were really happy and set on moving forward together,” Micah says. “ When he was going into the date, he told me, ‘No worries,’ and gave me a kiss goodbye. Then, when he got back, he was like, ‘I'm pretty sure I'm still with you.’ And I was like, ‘Pretty sure!?’

Micah says after that comment, the fight was on, and she even considered leaving because she was so hurt. “I was like, ‘Let me go grab my bag,’” she says. “Yeah, that was a tough one. But that's why I called him a liar.”


Micah’s Perfect Match co-star Jess Vestal also shed some light on the situation, revealing the women were totally on Micah’s side in that moment. “He had told Micah that he had no interest in anyone else and that he wasn't really open-minded to anyone else, that he was all in for her,” Jess says. “But it seemed like he jumped at the opportunity.”

Micah and Kaz’s blowup wasn’t the only tension Micah was part of... although she didn’t even fully realize she had an enemy in the house. After she set Harry Jowsey up with Jess, Harry’s match Elys Hutchinson blamed Micah for ruining her relationship. So much so, that Elys even tried to get Kaz to leave Micah at one point. Micah was totally in the dark about this grudge Elys had against her.

“What? What was going on? I didn’t know about that,” Micah says. “Honestly, I could sense a little animosity, but I didn't think that it was as deep as maybe she did. I mean, whether it was shown or not, Harry was going around saying that he wanted to go on a date. It was kind of a known thing that Harry was going to be chosen.”