15 Of The Most Hilarious Memes From The MTV Movie & TV Awards

by Jamie LeeLo

This Sunday night, May 7, MTV aired the MTV Movie & TV Awards, featuring categories for television shows for the first time.

"Workaholics" and "Pitch Perfect" actor Adam DeVine hosted the event and had some pretty memorable moments, including his "Beauty and the Beast"-themed opening.

It's always tricky to know what to expect from the MTV Awards show because, on one hand, it gives celebrities a chance to let their hair down and enjoy the fruits of their labor, without all the anxiety and stuffiness of the Oscars. But on the other hand, it is from the same network that brought us Kanye 2020.

Luckily, we have the internet around to keep track of hilarious moments, memorable outfits and to catch any bizarre or funny trends the untrained viewer might have missed.

So, I give you all the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Memetacular:

When the world just isn't fair

When your best friends are all hanging out on the red carpet without you, but you love them anyway

When your hero is a childhood actress, and she just understands you no matter what

When you're like, "How many Cyrus singers are there now?! I can't keep track."

When the world finally gets something exactly right

When you aren't on the same page as your "friend" who invited you over to watch the awards

When you show someone something that you think is hysterical, and then, you wait for them to laugh, but they don't laugh...

When you act like you're chill, but your true fans know you just live for ~the drama~

When movies and television touch your life in an incredibly real, personal, "I'm not crying, you are" kind of way

When your favorite actor of all time (seriously, you knew about them before anyone else did, OK?!?!) wins

When you know you've seen music artists fly from the ceiling before, but it never ceases to amaze you

When your friends try to cut you off halfway through the show

When you check out because this award show is literally taking forever and you're starving

When your friends tell you to calm down, but you've never been calm in your entire life

When the squad's looking fresh AF for infinite reasons

If we know anything, it's that award shows like this will NEVER stop giving the world great meme content.