The MTV Movie & TV Awards' 'Beauty And The Beast' Opening Was Straight-Up Awkward

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Adam Devine took to the MTV Movie & TV Awards stage with one of the most awkward awards show openings of all time.

Jam-packed full of random celebrity cameos, like Rebel Wilson as Mrs. Potts and Hailee Steinfeld as Belle, the number was "Beauty and The Beast"-themed (sort of) and clunky AF.

The choreography was... not great. The costumes were... not great. And Adam's big move where he swung from a chandelier was... not great.


Overall, a mediocre time was had by all.

Though it was clear Devine was shooting for as much commitment as possible, something about the whole thing just fell flat...(maybe their singing? HEY-O!), and Twitter couldn't let it go:

Everyone was kind of like, "How long is this thing?"

And also sort of like, "Emma, save us, make it better."

But mostly, and I do mean mostly, we were just all so uncomfortable...

...and immediately over it. Like, five minutes into the show over it.

At one point, a dancer knocked over a "candlestick" and set the stage on fire, and that was pretty fun for a few minutes.

But alas, the shock and awe sort of trickled down from there.

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Look, I'm not a professional actor. I don't know the rules when it comes to hosting an awards show, so who am I to say the hairy feet and fake horns were a bad choice?

All I'm saying is, give the people what they want, which is more of the "Stranger Things" cast, more hilarity and MORE EMMA WATSON. Always more Emma Watson.

Luckily, after the whole "tale as old as 8 pm EST" show number was over, Emma DID win a popcorn statue for Best Actor in a Film for her role in "Beauty and the Beast" and made everything right again.

And then, we all lived happily ever after.