Megan Thee Stallion has so many lyrics perfect for Instagram captions.

The 30 Best Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics For Your Next IG Caption

This one’s for the hotties.

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Megan Thee Stallion is the ultimate hot girl music queen. Since releasing her mixtape Fever in 2019, Megan has transformed from a hardworking diva with a dream to making it to the top of everyone’s minds. Her March 2020 single, “Savage Remix” featuring the one and only Beyoncé, had fans singing along to her music and embracing her contagious bad b*tch energy. Oh, and her feature on Cardi B’s August 2020 single “WAP” was the unforgettable song of summer. With over 26 million Instagram followers that include Drake and Ariana Grande, along with songs that are almost too hot to handle, Megan is unforgettable.

Her songs emphasize the fact that she’s a hardworking woman that doesn’t care what people think. Known for her confidence and unapologetic sexuality, the rapper shows off her sensual sides through her videos, live performances, outfits, and of course, her lyrics. Below, the best Megan Thee Stallion lyrics for your next Instagram caption.

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1. "When you being real, you ain't worried 'bout who fake." — "Money Good"

2. "I'll cut you off and get mad when you leave." — "What I Need"

3. "Baby, we a team and you match me like a theme." — "What I Need"

4. "I'm a hot girl, don't try it at home." — "Captain Hook"

5.He wanna party with a hottie.” — “SG”

6. "Know I'm kinda crazy, I'm a big baby." — "What I Need"

7.I must be who they study ’cause I’m always the subject.” — “SG”

8. If my heart broke, it's nothin' that my jeweler won't fix.” — “Do It On The Tip”

9.A special kind of lady, I'm not easily persuaded.” — “Freaky Girls”

10.I don't text quick 'cause I ain't thirsty.” — “Girls In The Hood”

11.I'm too bad to be mad, I'm too s*xy to be jealous.” — “Sugar Baby”

12. The category is body, look at the way it's sittin' — “Body”

13. Saucy like a barbecue but you won't get your baby back. — “Body”

14. Can't argue with these lazy b*tches, I just raise my price.” — “Savage Remix” feat. Beyoncé

15. You can't have opinions on no sh*t that you ain't payin' for.” — “Sugar Baby”

16. Talk big sh*t, but my bank account match it.” — “Savage”

17.All my friends like, ‘Girl, what you doin' different?’" — “Don't Rock Me to Sleep”

18. “A party ain't a party if my b*tches ain't included” — “Circles”

19. Ain't the jealous type, please don't believe the hype.” — “Circles”

20. I'm a February baby, I'm a big flirt.” — “Circles”

21.Kiss me in the middle of the party when it's litty.” — “Don't Rock Me to Sleep”

22. “Waist snatched, ass fat, feelin' real pretty.” — “Don't Rock Me to Sleep”

23.Long legs, he intimated, Amazon, I'm elevated.” — “Freaky Girls”

24. B*tches spend a lifetime tryna get this hot.” — “Body”

25. She a Casper to me, I need glasses to see.” — “Don't Stop”

26.A shot can't hit me if it's sent indirectly.” — “Go Crazy”

27.They keep comin', tellin' me these b*tches mad, what's new?” — “What's New”

28. We ain't goin' back and forth with the lil' boys.” — “Circles”

29. Flew me out to Turks just to flirt, we ain't takin' pictures.” — “Outside”

30. Called the judge just to buy a car, I'm the flyest b*tch on the dealership.” — “Freaky Girls”

From flashing the big bucks to dealing with haters or falling in love, Megan Thee Stallion has lyrics for every occasion. Whether you’re going through an emotional breakup, you feel like teasing your crush, or you just want add a little extra spice to your latest Insta post, Megan’s lyrics will not let you down.

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