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Lucien Laviscount Is Team Alfie All The Way (Obviously)

The Emily in Paris star unpacks Season 3’s wild ending and hints at what’s next for his character.

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I’m catching Lucien Laviscount at just the right time. “I’m in a little bit of a dream state at the minute,” he tells me over the phone. “We just went up to the top of the Empire State Building, and I’m levitating right now. You got me in an amazing mood.”

It’s mid-December, and the 30-year-old actor is on the New York leg of his Emily in Paris Season 3 press tour. Laviscount plays Emily Cooper’s charming British boyfriend, Alfie, a fan favorite since his introduction in Emily’s French class in Season 2. (Even Lucas Bravo, who plays Emily’s rival love interest, Gabriel, has staked his claim firmly on Team Alfie.)

Warning: Major spoilers for Emily in Paris Season 3 follow. Season 3, which hit Netflix on Dec. 21, shows Alfie moving to Paris to take a job with big-name perfumer Antoine Lambert, a client of Savoir. Alfie and Emily are finally enjoying their relationship in the same city, a dynamic Laviscount calls a “breath of fresh air”... until things go off the rails in the season finale.

Gabriel and Camille decide to get married, despite Camille’s secret affair with an artist named Sophia (which Emily knows about). Then, at the altar, Camille calls off the wedding in a shocking speech, claiming Gabriel and Emily have always been in love. Alfie walks away, telling Emily he’s “nobody’s second choice.” And finally, Gabriel reveals to Emily that Camille is pregnant, presumably with his child.

As for Alfily? Their future is uncertain, to say the least. Here, Laviscount tells Elite Daily what he thinks about Season 3’s plot twists, whether Alfie will return for Emily in Paris Season 4, and which relationship he *actually* prefers for Emily.


This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Elite Daily: Alfie and Emily almost break up in the first episode, after she stands him up for work. Why do you think he ultimately decided to give things another chance?

Lucien Laviscount: When Lily Collins stands on the side of the Seine river and sings you a song, I think anyone would jump straight back into whatever it was in a heartbeat — and Alfie’s no different.

ED: Alfie tells Emily that he didn’t take the job in Paris to stay close to her. Do you buy that?

LL: He’s just playing, come on. A little bit of teasing keeps her on her toes. I think we all know what the real reason was, and that’s the beautiful thing about Alfie and Emily’s relationship. It’s fun. It’s all about the cheekiness of it all. And I feel like that’s something Emily doesn’t really have with Gabriel. It’s all end-of-the-world stuff, whereas with Alfie, it’s more of a breath of fresh air.

ED: At first, Alfie is nervous to tell his family about Emily because he’s been heartbroken in the past. Were you given any further details about Alfie’s backstory?

LL: Me and Emily in Paris creator Darren Star had a really beautiful chat during Season 2 about Alfie’s background and where he’s coming from. From the get-go, Alfie has his walls up. He’s got his reservations, not just about Emily but about Paris and about everything in life.

When these boundaries and walls fall down, what does that look like? For Alfie, more than anything, he’s protecting his heart and his truth. That’s something Darren and I spoke about, and then it all came into fruition. It gives Alfie a little bit more depth, and you get to see his vulnerable side, which is quite cute.

ED: Will future seasons explore Alfie’s past in more depth?

LL: The past is a reflection of the now, and I feel like we’re all products of our environment in a sense. But I feel like Alfie does a really good job at protecting his past. For future seasons, it’d be great to delve more into that and to see what makes him tick.

ED: What else do you think is next for Alfie? Will fans see him again in Season 4?

LL: I feel like Alfie lives with his heart on his sleeve, and Emily’s just opened his eyes to this whole new world. He had a shadow lingering over him in Season 2, and then he got peppered with the unicorn dust that Emily gives. Who knows? I think if Alfie does come back, it’s going to be hot; it’s going to be steamy; it’s going to be something.

ED: What was your reaction to all of the twists in the Season 3 finale?

LL: Listen, I’m still coming down off all of it. When I got Episode 10, I read it back to front, and my mind was blown. Reading it was really incredible, and then to be on set for that final scene was something else. It was really special to see Camille Razat — her performance was truly something else. And to look in Lily’s eyes and see where she was with her character, it was a really moving scene to be involved in.

ED: Alfie gets to have his big moment in that scene, too.

LL: Alfie’s reaction was in true Alfie style, and I think that he was genuine with what he said. I think Alfie just sees the relationship, and he’s thankful for what Emily gave him. Love is a choice at the end of the day, and I think he just realized he wasn’t the choice.

ED: Who in the cast had the biggest reaction to Camille’s surprise pregnancy?

LL: I’ll never forget, me and Samuel Arnold were sitting at this cafe in Paris, and he was reading the script. I went outside on a phone call, and I came back inside and he was flipping out. I thought something had happened to him. I thought something was wrong, and I was about to call the ambulance. His reaction was priceless.

ED: What is the funniest moment you can recall from filming Season 3?

LL: It’s always funny when we’re all together and we have to watch Ashley Park perform because Ashley is a full comedian in between takes. She’ll be on stage, have everyone in stitches laughing, and then go full thespian mode and break out into song and try to keep everyone serious. She’s a jokester.

ED: What’s it actually like filming in Paris?

LL: Work is work, and you get thrown into these different situations in different cities with different people. They’re not your chosen friends, but you have to go and create with these strangers in a strange city. Paris is the most incredible place to do that.

The one thing I will say is that Samuel, despite the fact that he grew up in Paris, knows nothing about Paris. Asking him for directions is a nightmare. But I think we all got to grips with it pretty well, and Paris now is my second city, and it'll always be home for me.

ED: Are you Team Alfie or Team Gabriel?

LL: I’m always Team Emily. I think Emily deserves this time to figure out what puts the dots together for her moving forward. She’s constantly thrown problem after problem that she needs to solve, and she still needs to solve the biggest problem, which is the question of who makes her happy. Who makes her laugh? Who’s going to be there for her? Whatever that looks like, I’m Team Emily.

ED: Well, I will tell you that I have been Team Alfie since Day One.

LL: I love that. That was just my nice answer. I’m going to say it loud and say it with my chest: Team Alfie for the win.

Emily in Paris Season 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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