Some of the tweets shown on 'Love Island USA' Season 6 were called out for being misleading.

So, A Lot Of Those Love Island Shady Tweets Were Super Misleading

One of them was from four years ago...


Love Island is known for its incredibly messy games, but Season 6 of the U.S. franchise took things up a notch by revealing all the nastiest things fans have been saying about the contestants. Or, at least... that’s what it looked like on TV. In reality, social media sleuths have pointed out that a few of the tweets shown to the islanders were kind of deceptively chosen. From seriously outdated posts to photoshopping allegations, here’s all the tea.

On the July 8 episode of Love Island USA, all the contestants were presented with tweets about them, ranging from supportive compliments to brutal drags. But as is always the case with social media, a little digging will reveal that not everything is as it seems. One of the cringiest production fails that fans caught wind of was a lovey-dovey post about Aaron. “I’m sorry but Aaron is cute,” the post read. That kind of set off alarms for fans right away, given that Aaron has been viewed as one of the season’s villains after deceiving his partner Kaylor at Casa Amor.


It didn’t take fans too long to discover the actual tweet wasn’t about Aaron at all! Well, it was about an Aaron, but not the one on this season. The show conveniently left out that the post is from 2020, and as the original poster clarified, it was in reference to Love Island USA Season 2 contestant Aaron Owen.


Another tweet that stuck out like a sore thumb in the challenge: the post claiming, “Kendall is a king.”


While Kendall is certainly popular in the villa, he’s become one of the most hated contestants among fans in recent weeks. And sure enough, it looks like production really had to dig deep to try to find a positive tweet about him. The original post now has over 100 likes now that fans have found it a couple days after the challenge, but sleuths have pointed out it barely had any likes at all when the episode aired.

And finally, one of the most damning tweets of all accused Kordell’s Casa Amor connection Daia of lurking in his brother Odell Beckham Jr.’s Instagram comments before she came on the show.


Screenshots appearing to show Daia in Odell’s comments did go viral, but they’ve been widely called out for being digitally altered. Sleuths have also been unable to track down these alleged comments and likes by going to the posts themselves.

We all know social media can be messy, but it looks like the Love Island producers stirred things up a bit themselves as well.