Amy and Johnny detail the tricky situation of their birth control disagreement on 'Love Is Blind' Se...

Amy & Johnny Are Glad Their Birth Control Talk On Love Is Blind Aired

"He was so open to hearing me out and to exploring other options."

Spoiler alert: This post discusses events from the first eight episodes of Love Is Blind Season 6.

Johnny and Amy seemed to have no issues at all in the Love Is Blind pods, but their worry-free love story hit a massive obstacle when met up in the real world. As they started planning out their future, it became clear they had different priorities in terms of family planning. Johnny seemed surprised to learn Amy wasn’t on birth control, but Amy tells Elite Daily that he also did his part in genuinely considering getting a vasectomy as another means of preventing a pregnancy.

“He looked into it. He considered it, which I respected a lot,” Amy says. “At the end of the day, we would have to alter something about our bodies to prevent bringing a child into this world. But the fact that he was so open to hearing me out and to exploring other options meant the world to me.”

Their issue was a tricky one to navigate. Both Johnny and Amy wanted to have kids down the line, but Johnny was adamant about not accidentally having a child before they were financially stable, whereas Amy didn’t think they needed such a strict timeline. Johnny admits he was nervous to have such an intimate disagreement while filming for the show.

“I feel like there's no easy way of going around it,” he says. “When you're on a stage like this, it's tough to be able to have those conversations while trying to look like the good guy.”


But now looking back on the discussion, Johnny is grateful for the tough but empowering moment.

“Having those conversations, really digging into each other and saying why you think the way that you think; for myself and for Amy, it made a big difference,” Johnny says. “This conversation lasted the course of maybe a week or a week and a half, but it was always very open-ended. We were able to explain our thought processes on things, why we felt certain ways. That really helped us get past a big hurdle — we became a stronger couple in the long run.”