Bartise Bowden from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 revealed he's a father on Instagram.

Bartise From Love Is Blind Is Now A Dad



Season 4 of Love Is Blind has been delivering some huge twists, but the biggest surprise of all came from a contestant who isn’t even part of this season. On Friday, April 7, as fans tuned in to a fresh batch of newly-released Love Is Blind episodes, Bartise Bowden stole the spotlight with a surprising announcement on Instagram. The Season 3 star is now a dad. Bartise showed off his son for the first time in a series of Instagram photos, but fans are all asking one big question about the unexpected revelation.

Bartise shocked every Love Is Blind fan when he posted several pics of himself with a baby, revealing that the child is actually his son. He didn’t reveal the boy’s name, but he appears to call him Aiden in a video of the two watching golf together. He introduced his son to the world by referencing his controversial time on Love Is Blind Season 3, which ended with him dumping his partner Nancy Rodriguez at the altar. “Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him,” Bartise wrote. “We went from zaddy on screen to daddy in real life,” he said in a video on his Instagram story.

But Bartise did not answer the biggest question of all: Who is the mother? Bartise left Love Is Blind single at the start of 2023, having ended things with Nancy. He then appeared on another Netflix dating show, Perfect Match, throughout February 2023, and although he sparked a romance with Izzy Fairthorne, they broke up after the show. Bartise hasn’t indicated that he’s been seeing anyone since Perfect Match aired, so fans are totally in the dark about who he could be raising this child with.

The announcement also had fans trying to piece together the timeline of events that led to this baby. If he was conceived about a year ago, it would’ve been around the same time Perfect Match was filming in March 2022, and several months after Love Is Blind Season 3 filmed in the summer of 2021.

As fans try to figure out the mystery, Bartise is clearly content to just chill with his kid and enjoy his big step into fatherhood.