Bartise Bowden from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

Everything To Know About Bartise From Love Is Blind

He's a hot commodity in the pods.


In every Love Is Blind season, there’s always at least one contestant who winds up smack dab in the middle of a love triangle, and it looks like we’ve found that contestant for Season 3. Bartise Bowden from Love Is Blind Season 3 proves to be very popular in the pods, and it looks like his journey is not an entirely smooth one. With two women interested in him at the start of the season, it looks like Bartise is in for quite a journey.

Warning: Spoilers for the first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4 follow. Bartise may not have been able to see his potential fiancées in the pods, but he still had heart eyes for two of the women he met: Nancy Rodriguez and Raven Ross. They each drew out very different sides of him. With Nancy, Bartise could be silly and have heartfelt discussions. But he also was able to open up with Raven, who shared his love of fitness. However, that love of fitness may have stood in the way of Bartise and Raven leaving the pods together.

When Bartise tried telling Raven a very personal story about the end of his parents’ relationship, she didn’t give him his full attention and instead got in a quick workout in her pod while Bartise was talking to her. That may have been a big sticking point for Bartise, because he wound up proposing to Nancy instead. Thrilled, Nancy said yes and they left the pods a happily engaged couple. However, after Bartise met Raven in person in Episode 4, it seems like his past with her might end up getting in the way of his relationship with Nancy.

Time will tell whether Bartise makes it out of this thing a married man. In the meantime, here’s everything to know about this Love Is Blind contender.

Love Is Blind’s Bartise Bowden’s Real Job

Bartise may be only 27 years old — creating a notable age gap in his relationship with 30-year-old Nancy — but he’s already very accomplished in his career. After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting, he worked at a few different companies as an accountant. He’s now a senior analyst at VMG Health in Dallas, Texas.

Love Is Blind’s Bartise Bowden Facts

Bartise is actually not Bartise’s real name... sort of. He explained on Love Is Blind that his first name is actually Robert; Bartise is actually his middle name, in honor of his dad’s late friend. But everyone’s always called him by his middle name, so Bartise stuck.

Love Is Blind’s Bartise Bowden’s Instagram

Recently, Bartise has been using his Instagram to promote Love Is Blind, but before that, his grid was all about his love of fitness. He posts lots of workout videos, along with shots of him enjoying life in Dallas. He’s also family-oriented and includes photos with his parents and grandmother.

Bartise is also pretty active on TikTok, and that’s where he refuted the apparent claim that his celebrity lookalike is Gerald from Hey Arnold, LOL. Perhaps whoever he ends up with on Love Is Blind can help him find a better doppelgänger.

New episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4 drop on Wednesdays on Netflix.