I tried eating Oreos and mustard like Lizzo.

I Copied Lizzo's Oreos And Mustard TikTok... And Mistakes Were Made

This was certainly a choice.

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In Elite Daily's I Tried series, we put celebrities’ favorite products, recipes, and routines to the test to show you what living like your fave star is really like. In this piece, we try eating Oreos with mustard, just like Lizzo did on TikTok.

TikTok is a place of innovation, so if you’re looking for the next frontier in music, dance, or food trends, the video-sharing platform is a good place to start. The app is practically synonymous with creativity and invention, but a new food trend will throw even the most dedicated users of the app for a loop. Oreos paired with mustard is the latest bizarre food combo to go viral on the app, especially after Lizzo gave it a whirl herself. After seeing all the hoopla about the trend, I wanted to try it for myself, even though I wasn’t particularly excited about the flavor combo.

On Dec. 28, Lizzo uploaded a minute-long video which showed her chowing down on Oreos with a generous dollop of yellow mustard on top. She apprehensively munched on a cookie before making a grimace at the camera. But apparently she didn’t exactly hate the combo, since she went in for seconds, much to fans’ dismay. “I think she enjoys it im scared,” one comment read.

Lizzo was notably silent during her food experiment video, so it’s tough to tell what her final opinion was — which is exactly why I’m here to provide a detailed update on the internet’s most burning question: Are Oreos with mustard actually tasty?

The first task for me was to obtain the ingredients for my impending food experiment. I had a bottle of mustard in my fridge already, so I just had to grab some Oreos. Thankfully, my neighbor Dillon had plenty on hand, so I was instantly ready to get to snacking. (Thanks, Dillon!)

Courtesy of Brandy Robidoux

Just like Lizzo, I put a medium-sized dollop of mustard in the center of each cookie. While Lizzo used classic French’s yellow mustard, mine was actually spicy mustard, which may have created an even more ~intense~ flavor combo. But hey, I’m always open to a little extra pizzazz.

Courtesy of Brandy Robidoux

I will admit, I was a little apprehensive about biting into this mustard-covered cookie. Oreos are one of my all-time favorite snacks, and I love mustard as well. But together? I had my doubts.

Courtesy of Brandy Robidoux

After a little hesitation, I decided to go for it and bit into the cookie. I started with half a cookie at first, and my immediate reaction was that the combo actually wasn’t half bad. Could foodie TikTok be onto something?

Courtesy of Brandy Robidoux

Once I got the full cookie down the hatch, I was conflicted. It wasn’t the worst thing I’d ever had, but it wasn’t a combo that left my tastebuds singing. As Lizzo did, I reached for a second cookie just to make sure I got the full scope of the flavor pairing. I ultimately had two problems with my food experiment. For one, I did this at 9 a.m., which was probably a little too early for me to be tossing back Oreos. And two, Oreos are one of my favorite foods, so trying to modify perfection just seemed plain wrong. I stopped at two cookies and decided I didn’t necessarily need to eat cookie No. 3 for breakfast.

Final Thoughts

I’ll try anything once, but I probably don’t have to try this combo ever again. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but IMO, mustard and Oreos aren’t a match made in heaven. There are 85+ flavors of Oreos in existence, and as an Oreo superfan, I’ve tried a lot of them. Let’s just say I understand why mustard hasn’t made the cut. That said, whatever food combo Lizzo introduces to me next, I’m 100% down to try it.

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