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Lizzo Tried The Oreo And Mustard TikTok Trend And Her Face Said It All

That was a certainly a choice.

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Ah, TikTok. The land of transformation videos, viral pranks, music discovery, and daring trends. The video-sharing app has become a breeding ground for the internet’s most creative stunts, and there’s something new each day to try (or watch someone else try). Whether you’re a lurker or a proud creator on the app, there’s certain trends you might want to leave for some else to attempt. Case in point? The Oreo and mustard TikTok challenge. Yep, that’s a thing that exists, and Lizzo was a champ and tried the trend at home.

Lizzo decided to give the bizarre food trend a whirl on Dec. 29, and she documented the entire process. The clip showed her sitting down with a full sleeve of cookies, and a bottle of French’s mustard beside her. “Tiktok made me try mustard & oreos,” she captioned the post.

The singer somehow managed to keep a straight face throughout the entire video, so it’s hard to tell just what she thought of the food experiment. But seeing as she went in for multiple mustard-covered cookies, maybe the combo wasn’t so bad after all.

Fans couldn’t believe Lizzo actually tried the Oreo and mustard combo, and many were appalled. “NO PLEASE why she going back for seconds no,” one fan commented below the post. “PUT. THAT. DOWN.,” another said. One person chimed in to say, “I think she enjoys it I’m scared.”

Still, others loved every moment of the video and said they can’t wait to try to combo for themselves.

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Lizzo has become quite a star in the kitchen, and fans have grown to love her food-centric videos. She’s especially love sharing her vegan meals with fans online. On Dec. 21, she shared one of her favorite soup recipes with her followers.

“I’ve just been working so much that I have not had time to cook, and every time I cook, I be just so ready to eat that I forget to film it, but I just remembered right now I’m about to make a lentil stew,” she said, before detailing the recipe.

If there’s anything Lizzo’s TikTok page has taught us it’s that she’s a multi-talented queen and she’s never afraid to try something new. Next up on her list of experiments? Spaghetti and ranch.