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20 Lil Nas X Montero Lyrics For IG Captions That’ll Get You All The Likes

Call me when you want, call me when you need.

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Lil Nas X has come a long way from “Old Town Road.” Three years after dropping his hit single, which became the longest-running No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 at 19 weeks, the rapper has officially come out with his debut album, Montero. The record is named after Lil Nas’ real name, Montero Lamar Hill, and tells his success story as he went from being a college dropout to one of the biggest stars in the world. Fans will experience so many emotions by simply listening to each track. To celebrate the release, here are 20 Lil Nas X Montero lyrics for Instagram captions you can use today and always.

Lil Nas X got everyone excited for his new album by dropping singles like “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” “Industry Baby,” and “Sun Goes Down” ahead of its arrival. The star also made headlines for posing nude on his Montero album cover, and for doing a pregnancy photoshoot with a corresponding baby shower to celebrate his “little bundle of joy,” aka his debut record.

Ahead of Montero’s Sept. 17 release, Lil Nas also got everyone talking by putting up hilarious promotional billboards that see him posing as a personal injury lawyer. “Are you single, lonely and miserable? You may be entitled to financial compensation!" one ad read. “Do you hate Lil Nas X? You may be entitled to financial compensation!” another said.

Lil Nas is the star of the moment. If you’re loving his latest album, here are 20 Montero lyrics for Instagram captions you can use to impress all your followers.

  1. “A sign of the times every time that I speak.” — from “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”
  2. “You wanna f*ck with me so bad right now. Well, now you can't right now.” — from “Dead Right Now”
  3. “Funny how you said it was the end. Then I went did it again.” — from “Industry Baby”
  4. “I'm the type that you can't control.” — from “Industry Baby”
  5. “Need a boy who can cuddle with me all night. Keep me warm, love me long, be my sunlight.” — from “Thats What I Want”
  6. “I been drivin' a lot, just drivin' in life with no actual direction, not heading towards any specific place.” — from “The Art of Realization”
  7. “Baby, I ain't tryna be your baby. Understand, I'm just tryna be the daily.” — from “Scoop”
  8. “Ain't the next big thing, you the next thing to go.” — from “One of Me”
  9. “You's a meme, you's a joke, been a gimmick from the go.” — from “One of Me”
  10. “Why I thought it was forever? I only see you maybe never.” — from “Lost in the Citadel”
  11. “I'm just such an obsession. Tea about me, your IG suggestions.” — from “Dolla Sign Slime”
  12. “I've been living on an island made from fate.” — from “Tales of Dominica”
  13. “Finally grown, ain't nothing like I hopеd it would be. Out on my own, I'm floating in an oceanless sea.” — “Tales of Dominica”
  14. “There's much more to life than dyin' over your past mistakes and people who threw dirt on your name.” — from “Sun Goes Down”
  15. “It's hard for you when you're fightin' and nobody knows it when you're silent.” — from “Sun Goes Down”
  16. “Stuck in this world where it's so much to prove. Every win gives you more room to lose.” — from “Void”
  17. “Started focusin' on all these wishes. Crazy how this sh*t come to fruition from.” — “Don’t Want It”
  18. “All of my feelings are gone. I left them all on the floor. Man, who's to blame if you don't love me no more?” — from “Life After Salem”
  19. “I can be your part-time lovеr. Our scars, they'll dance with each other.” — from “Life After Salem”
  20. “Never forget me, like I’m your favorite song.” —from “Am I Dreaming”

Stream Lil Nas X’s new album Montero below.

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