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Lil Jon performing on stage in a gold outfit

Twitter Is Absolutely Here For Bachelor In Paradise's Latest Guest Host

What? Yeah.

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To the beach shore to the bar (to the bar). Just when you thought Bachelor Nation couldn’t get any stranger after David Spade (!) hosted Paradise, Lil Jon’s appearance on the Sept. 14 episode had fans crawling to their computers to share their joy. At long last, the rapper finally made his BIP debut, and viewers’ responses are exactly what this season needed. These funny tweets about Lil Jon on Bachelor in Paradise make all the season’s drama 100% worth it.

Chances are, you’ve been waiting all season for Lil Jon to arrive, since his voice has been narrating the promos each week. The 50-year-old performer (yup, Lil Jon is 50) probably headlined the soundtrack to the too-young-to-be-dancing-to-this dance parties of your youth, and while hearing his trademark “yeah” while watching BIP teasers was jarring at first, viewers were ready to see the “Get Low” rapper take center stage as a host. And it’s clear the wait was worth it.

After a pretty stressful few episodes — which involved love triangles and a whole lotta people who were blamed for not being there for the right reasons — it was pretty obvious fans needed something to lighten the mood. Enter: Lil Jon. The rapper came in wearing his trademark sunglasses and turned the mood from pressured to party.

It was after a very moving rose ceremony — in which Wells Adams (who’s serving as part bartender/part contestant wrangler) gave Natasha Parker an extra rose after it was clear she got played in the whole Brendan Morais-Pieper James situation — that the beloved rapped joined the party.

In an effort to switch up the pretty heavy energy, Lil Jon joined the group immediately after the Week 5 eliminations. And if Natasha was feeling low after seeing Brendan and Pieper leave the beach together, fans think getting sprayed with champagne by Lil Jon after learning she’d get to stay another week probably turned her night around.

In fact, fans were loving the Natasha/Lil Jon energy so much, viewers were lowkey hoping the two would hit it off...

Who knows? This might just be the start of a beautiful relationship. Yeah!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.