Lil Dicky Video Shows How Deep One-Night Stands Can Get

My favorite rapper/human, Lil Dicky, is BACK with a new music video for his song "Pillow Talking," which really goes to show how ~deep~ you can get with your one-night stand.

The video captures how awkward one-night stands can be, and it'll also randomly make you rethink your spirituality.

Sure, he covers A LOT of bases here. But with 10 minutes and 55 seconds to work with, he had a lot of time to talk.

Honestly, "Pillow Talking" is more than just a music video. The video, which is the 49th most expensive music video of ALL TIME (a BIG step up from the guy who got his big break with "$ave Dat Money"), feels more like a short film about a one-night stand.

Oh, and John C. Reilly even makes an appearance. I'm telling you, it's worth the watch:

Anyone who's ever had a one-night stand can attest to how easy it is to forget the person who was a stranger just four tequila shots and three doggy styles ago is still just a stranger.

There are literal scientific studies out there that have proven we can't really help ourselves when it comes to divulging personal information about ourselves to people we just had sex with. Obviously, this can get a little awkward when the person is a complete stranger whom you have nothing in common with.

And Lil Dicky's new video does a PERFECT job of showing us just how awkward it can get.

If you didn't have time to watch the 11-minute-long video the whole way through, allow me to give you my own little recap of what goes down.

First, Lil Dicky is seen boning some girl in his dimly-lit room.


After they finish boning, Lil Dicky learns that the girl is sleeping over.

They start talking about basic stuff like their hometowns and siblings.


Then, they get to some deep pillow talking about things like wars and alien abductions.

Obviously, Lil Dicky's brain has to make an appearance.


Can we just take a minute to talk about how cute Lil Dicky's brain is?


The girl then mentions she believes in God, and Lil Dicky's brain challenges the existence of her "God" (played by John C. Reilly).


The brain's argument is that God wouldn't have created dinosaurs, only to let them die eventually.


Things get awkward, so Lil Dicky and this girl decide to stop talking and order a pizza.


Then, they're back to having existential debates, this time about the value of animal's lives.

Lil Dicky wants pepperoni on his pizza, but the girl doesn't believe in animal cruelty.


The girl has had enough (finally) and decides to order an Uber home.

Lil Dicky recommends Lyft.


Finally, because it's so late, they agree that she'll sleep on Dicky's bed, and he (and his brain) will sleep on the floor.


One-night stands are weird. And this video is a pretty extreme example, but it really does go to show how weird they can be and how comfortable you can feel sharing some of your most personal opinions with someone who is essentially a stranger, simply because you bumped uglies a few minutes ago.

I know, my detailed summary was AWESOME, but I still recommend you give the real thing a good watch:

Good stuff, right?