This Rapper Wrote The Song We All Hope Our Exes Will Write For Us One Day


Lil Dicky, the hilarious rapper behind "$ave Dat Money" and "Lemme Freak," just came out with the self-proclaimed "softest thing" he's ever done. And it's really sad.

Guys, I'm not kidding. I cried. I shed real tears watching a Lil Dicky music video.

Imagine me all excited to see the next goofy video of him hilariously begging an old lady to record a rap video at her house or shaking his dong while naked in his room, only to find a heartbreaking song about love and loss. In the video (*SPOILER ALERT*) he faces basically every living, breathing human being's worst nightmare and attends the love of his life's wedding ... to another man.

I don't know who this Molly chick is, but it's clear she did quite the number on Lil D. From what I understand based on this song, he put her second to rap and eventually it took a toll on their otherwise perfect relationship. She met someone else and moved on. He didn't.

Kind of like every break up ever, huh? Someone fucks up, the other person moves on and then the person who fucked up realizes the magnitude of what he (or she) lost. The age-old tale of two people falling in and out of love with each other at the wrong times. She wants the relationship when he can't it give to her, and he wants her back when she's moved on. You know how it goes.

Anyways, Lil Dicky manages to capture the pain perfectly in one music video. You absolutely need to watch it right now. If you've ever had your heart broken by some bro-y guy who always put his career before you, watch as this video manages to capture everything you ever hoped he would one day come back and say to you. Also, maybe make sure you have some kleenex on hand.