Kris Jenner Posted An Unedited Pic Of Herself And Kim

Kris Posted An Unedited Pic Of Herself And Kim, Then Quickly Deleted It

Yep, we saw that, Kris!

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

The KarJenners have their social media strategy down pat. As some of the most-followed celebs in the world, they’ve become experts at posing for pics, editing them to perfection, and penning flawless captions. They’re always on their social media A-game, which is exactly why fans were shocked when Kris Jenner accidentally posted an unedited photo of her family. The momager quickly realized what she’d done and took the photo down, but not before fans caught a screenshot the original.

The photo in question was shared on Chicago West’s 4th birthday, and included a slew of adorable photos with the birthday girl. The corresponding caption was equally as sweet. “Happy birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Chicago!!!!” Jenner wrote. “You have the sweetest spirit and always have the cutest little smile on your face with the softest little voice and your precious laughter lights up wherever you are!”

Jenner added that Chicago is “an amazing sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin and niece,” and that she brings “so much joy and happiness every single day” to the family. What she didn’t realize? One of the photos in her slideshow was completely unfiltered. While it’s of course no big deal to post an unfiltered photo, it was pretty surprising considering how much the Kardashians love their filters. Fans were quick to screenshot the photo and share it to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Reddit.


The KarJenners still looked beautiful, but fans were surprised to see the unfiltered pic hit the internet. As it turns out, Jenner ended up taking the post down soon after and replacing it with a different one, suggesting she probably uploaded the pic by mistake.

“Omg she took this down! It's not posted anymore,” one person commented below the new post. “She reposted the birthday post without that pic lol,” another said.

The post arrived just days after Khloé Kardashian caught flack from fans for an apparent photoshop fail on a recent picture. Will the KarJenners stop editing their selfies anytime soon? Probably not. But they’ll be the first to admit they use image altering tools, so kudos for honesty. And through it all, you can bet fans will be watching like a hawk.