Kim Kardashian revealed she hates Starbucks' cardboard coffee cup sleeves.

Kim K Confirmed A Rumor About Her Strange Starbucks Habit Is True

Wait, really?

Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Truth really can be stranger than fiction, and Kim Kardashian just proved it. During the reality star’s April 22 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel read out some of the wildest rumors he could find about Kardashian, and surprisingly, most of them turned out to be true. Although there is one bizarre piece of gossip about Kardashian’s body that she wants to dispel for good.

Kardashian was able to set the record straight on all the goss in a telling late-night segment. “Is it true you blow-dry your jewelry before you put it on?” Kimmel asked, to which Kardashian responded, “Very true.” The star explained that she always heats up jewelry, zippers, and chainmail before putting them on due to their temperature: “I hate being freezing... I need it warm.”

Kardashian went on to confirm that she washes her feet before bed every night, she sleeps with her eyes slightly open, and her 14th birthday was held at Neverland Ranch. But perhaps the strangest rumor that turned out to be completely true is that Kardashian has to have someone else remove the sleeve from her Starbucks cups because she hates the sound of cardboard so much.

“And I hate the feeling [of it],” Kardashian added. “I just can’t see it being done. Or I can’t hear it, and I can’t feel it. The cardboard getting moved off of the cup is like nails on a chalkboard to me.”


Kardashian actually first revealed this intense aversion to cardboard coffee sleeves in years ago. Back in 2017, she posted a list of things fans may not know about her on her website, which included her habit of getting other people to remove Starbucks sleeves before she takes the cup. Oh, and if you’re wondering what she’s sipping out of her sleeve-free cup, her go-to order is a white chocolate mocha (in the smallest sized cup possible).

While pretty much all of the rumors Kimmel brought up were indeed true, Kardashian did shoot down one piece of gossip. She denied the rumor that she has six toes on one foot.

“No, but that was a thing. Everyone thought I did,” Kardashian said. That rumor sprung from a badly angled photo Kardashian posted in 2019.