Kanye Turned A Romantic Text For Kim Into The Most Extra Necklace

by Candice Jalili
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Trying to think of a creative gift to get your significant other? Take Kanye West's text message necklace for Kim Kardashian for inspiration. On Jan. 12, Kardashian took to Twitter to share an incredibly thoughtful (and swagged out) gift her husband got her just because. "If you look closely at my necklace, you can see it’s from a text Kanye sent me," Kardashian explained alongside two pictures — a selfie of herself sporting the necklace and a screenshot of the text in question. "He took an amazing vintage Cartier gold plaque necklace and had it sketched out. He’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts."

So, what did this incredibly meaningful text say? Well, it started off with what appears to be a view out of one of the windows in West and Kardashian's gorgeous home. The window overlooks a plush green garden that looks like it would require a small army of gardeners to maintain. Beneath the beautiful picture, West wrote to his wife of over five years:

This your life
Married with four kids
Get people out of jail
Cover of Vogue
Go to church every week with your family
Dreams come true

As if that text wouldn't have been cute enough on its own, West decided to engrave the text (including the picture of their view!) onto a gold Cartier necklace:

This isn't the first time the adorable text is making an appearance on Kardashian's Twitter feed. On May 6, when the text was originally sent, Kardashian took to Twitter to share the screenshot alongside with the caption "Morning Texts." At the time, Kardashian was also gracing the cover of May Vogue and about to welcome her baby Psalm at any given moment, so the timing of his text makes total sense.

Does anyone else wish they had West in their corner ready, willing, and able to shoot over a morning pep talk text at any given moment? And the only thing better than a text from him is obviously a necklace memorializing the wonderful text forever.

What I love the most about West's text (and the necklace) is that he's really celebrating Kardashian and her accomplishments. Here's to hoping we all find partners who help us celebrate our own accomplishments.