Kendall Jenner Shares Her True Feelings About Her Siblings' Significant Others


Kendall Jenner's not trying to name names, she's just saying sometimes a few certain people her siblings have dated gave her a "bad vibe."

*COUGH* Tyga and Blac Chyna *COUGH COUGH*

Wait, who said that?

On Monday, in a blog post on her website titled "Meeting My Siblings' Significant Others Over The Years," Kendall wrote there have been some Kardashian-Jenner SOs she didn't like.

She wrote,

I generally greet the new person with an open mind. But, I do have a strong intuition when I meet people and there have definitely been times that I've gotten a bad vibe. When that happens, I don't say anything right away, because it's a really sensitive subject for my siblings. I just wait it out and see if he or she finds out on their own. Eventually, though, I will say something if I feel like one of my brothers or sisters are being taken advantage of, or could be getting hurt.

Even though Kendall tried to keep it vague with the pronouns and everything, I don't think she was talking about Kanye here.

TOTALLY UNRELATED, I'm sure, but recently Kylie and Tyga really dialed up the PDA on Snapchat.

And I'm sure Blac Chyna — aka Tyga's ex and baby mama — swooping in on Rob Kardashian and having his baby has nothing to do with this, either.


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