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Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene recreated the iconic 'Twilight' baseball scene in a 2021 video.

Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene Recreated The Iconic Twilight Baseball Scene On IG

That's the sound of thousands of people becoming Twihards all over again.

The Twilight renaissance has officially found its theme song. As a renewed love for the late 2000s horror-romance series has taken over 2021, Twihards got an extra special treat when two of the movies’ stars got back into character to recreate probably the most iconic scene from the whole franchise. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene’s 2021 Twilight reunion photo is guaranteed to remind you why you were (and still are) obsessed with the Cullens, and the pic is only part of the vampiric fun.

Lutz and Greene played the vampires Emmett and Alice Cullen in all of the Twilight movies, and there is really no question about which scene featuring the two is the most iconic. In the first movie, the Cullens welcome Bella into their family with a high-octane baseball game. The ridiculously over-the-top scene, set to Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole,” became an immediate standout in the franchise, and it is still one of the most referenced scenes among Twilight fans to this day.

That’s what made Lutz and Greene’s unexpected reunion such a treat. The two posed for some adorable Instagram shots together, posted on Tuesday, Oct. 19, with Lutz wearing Emmett’s iconic striped baseball cap and Greene in Alice’s baseball uniform.

And the photos are only half of it. The two also embodied their Twilight characters in a new music video. Emmett and Alice made their intense returns in musician and content creator Matt Cutshall’s new music video, “Emo’s Not Dead.” Since Twilight was absolutely pivotal to the height of the emo era in the 2000s, it only made sense for Emmett to show up and fight with Cutshall before Alice appears to stop the brawl. Check out the full video below.

The fun little reunion is the latest piece in an ongoing Twilight renaissance. There are a lot of reasons for the sudden renewed love for the melodramatic vampire movies in 2021, but one of the strongest is that Netflix added the whole saga to its streaming library over the summer. On top of that, both of Twilight’s main stars are getting a ton of attention this year for their incredibly high-profile new film projects — Kristen Stewart is playing Princess Diana in Spencer and Robert Pattinson is going to be the next Batman. Here’s hoping for even more Twilight reunions as the love for the movies keeps growing.