Katie Thurston will be the first Bachelor Nation star to lead a season of 'FBoy Island.'

The New Season Of FBoy Island Will Have A Bachelorette As Its Star

This is the ultimate dating show crossover!


A certain bachelorette is trading in roses for FBoys in hopes of finding her next perfect match. For the first time, FBoy Island is opening its beaches to an unlucky-in-love Bachelor Nation star, so hopefully her experience in the reality dating world will make her a pro at weeding out all the bad dudes from the nice guys. Here’s how Katie Thurston’s FBoy Island Season 3 reveal is shaking up the franchise with its first major crossover.

Thurston announced she’d be one of the suitors on the new season of FBoy Island in an Instagram video on July 10. Her addition is just one of the big changes the show is making in Season 3, after the series was initially canceled by Max after Season 2 and then saved when The CW picked up a third season along with a gender-swapped spinoff called FGirl Island. So far, Thurston is the only woman revealed to be on the Season 3 cast. As with the past two seasons, two other women will be dating a couple dozen men alongside Thurston as the three try to figure out which of the men are “FBoys” who are only there for a cash prize, and which are “Nice Guys” who genuinely want to find love.

Thurston rocky journey to finding love began on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor in 2021. She only made it about halfway through the competition before getting sent home, but still became a fan favorite for speaking her mind and standing up to the bullying in the house. She went on to hand out roses of her own in Season 17 of The Bachelorette that same year. She wound up getting engaged to Blake Moynes at the end of the season, but they broke up a few months later. Shortly after the breakup, Thurston revealed she was dating John Hersey, a contestant she had eliminated early on in her season. About half a year later, Thurston confirmed she and Hersey had broken up.

Now, Thurston is leaving the Bachelor boys behind for some FBoys. The new season of FBoy Island will premiere this fall on The CW.