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Katie and Greg on the first 'Bachelorette' 1-on-1 date of the season

Twitter Is A Puddle Of Tears After Katie And Greg's Emotional Bachelorette Date

He got first impression rose AND the first 1-on-1 date.


Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season is just getting started, but Greg Grippo is already a serious contender. Sparks flew between them on Night 1, leading Katie to give him the first impression rose. Later, she also picked him for her first 1-on-1 of the season. And it turns out, their chemistry certainly wasn’t a one-time thing, because Katie and Greg’s emotional date had Bachelor Nation crying.

Their 1-on-1 was all about the great outdoors, as the pair went camping, made a makeshift bucket toilet, and enjoyed some fishing. Although poor Greg got stuck in a losing battle with the tent he was trying to put up, his and Katie’s connection was only getting stronger. And the date had emotional significance for both of them: It reminded them of their late fathers, as Katie reflected on going camping with her dad and Greg remembered early mornings spent fishing with his.

But at first, only Katie opened up about her loss. As she told Greg about her dad during the daytime portion of their date, he was mostly quiet, although he did tell her, “I truly do feel something with you. I do want to learn all about you. I want you to feel like you can tell me stuff.”

However, after they parted ways to get ready for the dinner portion of their date, Greg hinted at deeper feelings, telling cameras: “I understand [Katie] more than she thinks. I want to show her that, but in the right way.”

During the night portion of their date, Greg told Katie his dad died about two years ago. They both broke down into tears while bonding over the difficulty of looking for love while mourning parents who will never get to meet their future spouse. “Ever since my dad died, it’s been hard to give myself to someone. And I just want you to know I’m here for you,” Greg told Katie.

This was huge for Katie. “What I find so beautiful in all this is you and I went through a date today that reminded us of our dads, and it was probably the first time I didn’t cry about my dad,” she told Greg. “I think I owe a lot to you and the presence that you bring and the comfort and the fact I could just enjoy it is such a gift that you gave today.”

Plenty of Bachelor Nations leads have claimed a date was “perfect,” but when Katie described her date with Greg as just that, fans were hardcore in agreement.

In fact, some Bachelorette fans were convinced Katie should pull a Clare Crawley and ride off into the sunset with Greg in that moment.

So, will Katie and Greg be the next Clare and Dale? Only time will tell, but so far, it looks like they’re on one heck of a journey.

The Bachelorette continues on Monday, June 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.