'The Kardashians' Episode 3 revealed Kris Jenner has special contact names for her daughters in her ...

Kris Saves Her Daughters' Phone Numbers Under Strange Nicknames

The Hulu cameras see all.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashians’ new Hulu show has only just started, but it’s already given fans so much insider tea. In just three episodes, The Kardashians revealed what really went in to making Kim’s SNL monologue so iconic, how Travis Barker’s proposal to Kourtney went down, and even stirred up some controversy over how Kris Jenner treats drivers. But one incredibly tiny detail in Episode 3 was only caught by the most eagle-eyed viewers. The Kardashians cameras caught Kris Jenner’s phone contacts a few times, and revealed the strange names she has her daughters saved under.

The episode that dropped on Thursday, April 28 may have been called “Live From New York,” but Kim’s SNL episode was only part of the drama. The real stress came courtesy of Travis, who was trying to plan the perfect proposal for Kourtney with the help of the whole KarJenner fam. Obviously, we all know now that Travis’ flower-filled, beach proposal in October 2021 went off without a hitch, but it turns out that picture-perfect moment was very close to not happening. Due to Kourt scheduling an egg retrieval appointment the day before Travis was planning to have everyone travel to Santa Barbara for the big moment, he had to come up with a backup plan. Naturally, he knew to call the ultimate momager to help him out.

Thankfully, Kourt was able to move the appointment and the Santa Barbara plan was a go, which led to Kris calling up all her daughters to give them the deets. As anyone who’s been keeping up knows very well, Kris’ phone is her prized possession, and the quick scene of her calling up her girls finally gave fans a rare look at her contacts.


As pointed out on TikTok, Kris is shown calling up some very interesting contact names: Kylie New New 2022, Kimbo 2022, Khloe 2020, and Kendall Nuevo.

There’s a lot going on here. For one thing, Kylie and Kim’s contact names both indicate they’re new numbers from 2022... but the episode was obviously filmed in October 2021 since we know that’s when the Kravis proposal took place. Only Khloé seems to have kept the same number since 2020 (even if Kris neglected to add the accent mark over the “E” in her name), and Kendall’s Spanish flair could be a nod to her 818 Tequila brand.

The silliest detail of all, though, is Kris saving Kim’s number as Kimbo. The KarJenners have lots of nicknames for each other, but calling Kim “Kimbo” is a new one.

Here’s hoping future episodes of The Kardashians give us more peeks inside Kris’ legendary phone, because you know the number-one momager’s contacts have got to be filled with wild names.